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Here’s What Thakur Sajjan Singh Said About Pratigya 2

Actor Anupam Shyam, who plays the iconic character of Thakur Sajjan Singh in Pratigya 2 has a special message for his fans.

Fans are quite excited about the second season of their favourite show ‘Pratigya’. It has already started airing on Star Bharat and Hotstar. The show has the same star cast and takes a leap. Actor Anupam Shyam, who plays the iconic Thakur Sajjan Singh in the show is quite excited about season 2.

Anupam said, “We’ll make ‘Pratigya 2’ a landmark show as well. There are a lot of things which are relevant in today’s times so this serial shows that. The society, family bond, respect and everything is there.”

In the first season, we saw Thakur Sajjan Singh as a conservative patriarch who was mostly violent and angry. Anupam told that his character is less aggressive in the second season. Talking about the same, he said,  “As a man grows old, family grows, grand children come into their lives and he is attached to them, the love and affection for them is a lot. My character has calmed down, aggressiveness is still there but a little less than before. Now he’s become really cool.  He used to fight with Thakurain, now he romances with her. Everyone gets a chance to speak their minds and put their opinions.”

Well, are you watching the show? 

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