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Here’s What Made Suchita Trivedi’s Character Run For His Son In Indiawaali Maa

Suchita Trivedi, who is recognized for her remarkable work in Indian Television Industry, is essaying the role of Kaku in Indiawaali Maa, who is encouraging, and a doting mother to Rohan.

As seen so far, Kaku participates in a race to save his son from a financial crunch. Giving us insight on shooting about the same, she said, “Indiawaali Maa is not just the show I am associated with, it is a part of me now and I give my 100% to every scene I perform. Even I agreed quickly for the running sequence without letting anyone know about my knee problem. I really wanted nothing to affect my work.”

She then goes on saying that, “When everyone got to know about my knee problem, they even told me that they can  do body dubbing or change it if I am unable to perform it, but I refused to it as I wanted to do it on my own.”

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Suchita Trivedi character Kaku in Indiawaali Maa proves that a mother can go to any extent for her child.

Previously, speaking about her role, Suchita said, “Kaku is the perfect illustration of all the mothers out there. My mother is also like Indiawaali Maa, she is very protective, and she would try to make me feel better if something is bothering me. From taking important decisions in life to my daily routine, my mother helps me through everything. Even when she saw me in the role of Kaku she said, I am playing her role in the show and related herself to Kaku.”

Adding Further Suchita Trivedi says, “Indiawaali Maa is a story about a mother and her journey, which highlights the never-changing equations that everybody around the globe is facing with their children. It is not just a show to me, it is an inspiration for me in a real sense as a child always needs the support of the mother, be it any phase of life, and Kaku character is leaving no stone unturned to help her grown-up son who believes that he can manage his problems.”

Indiawaali Maa depicts the love of a mother towards her son and spin around the fact that you’re never too old to need your mother and you can always reach out to her at any time of your life.

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