Tuesday, September 29, 2020

    Here’s How Naagin Star Jasmin Bhasin Is Changing Her Outlook Towards Life


    Naagin actress Jasmin Bhasin says yoga teaches self-realization and that it gives her awareness about her body. The Naagin star revealed that she practices yoga three days a week. Jasmin says, “It has changed my life. I sleep better, I eat better, it has changed my whole outlook. Breathing techniques in yoga help me keep my mind cool and stable.” Speaking on the occasion of International Yoga Day, which is celebrated on June 21, said, “I think yoga gives me awareness not just about my body from the outside but also about my internal organs. I feel it’s very important because it teaches you self-realization of your body. And breathing into all the organs and body parts is also very important to keep it healthy. It draws your attention towards your body and its abilities so that you can strengthen your mind too and not just your body.” She further advises everyone to practice yoga especially during such tough times as it helps decrease stress, anxiety, and maintaining good mental health.

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