Gauahar Khan Brutally TROLLED For Trying To Vote Using Aadhar Card

Gauahar Khan is facing severe trolling after expressing her preference to vote using an Aadhaar Card. Watch the video!

Gauahar Khan participated in the Lok Sabha elections on Monday and took to her Instagram Stories to share her voting experience. Initially, she encountered difficulties due to several names missing from the voter list. Khan recommended using the Aadhaar Card as a necessary form of identification for voting. Later, she updated that she successfully cast her vote and proudly displayed the ink mark on her index finger. However, she has faced criticism from some individuals for suggesting the use of Aadhaar cards for voting.

Following casting her vote, Gauahar Khan shared a video on her Instagram stories, stating, “I have an appeal. Why do we have Aadhar cards if we are not considered citizens enough to vote? Your Aadhaar card is your identity that you are an Indian citizen and you should be able to vote with that.”

She added,  “People who have left the building are still on that list. I have seen it myself. And if I, my mom, my husband, everyone is registered on that building…. none of us are there. So how does one vote? We go with our Aadhar card, Id proof and they say, ‘No you cannot vote’,”

She concluded saying, “Here literally people are fighting and going berserk over there because they have their IDs but the survey doesn’t have their name on the list. They are saying if you are not on the list then you cannot vote. I think that is the most basic deprivation of your rights to vote!” Watch the video here!

Netizens React To Gauahar Khan’s Video On Elections

Her video has become viral across various social media platforms, eliciting reactions from numerous netizens. One user commented, “She wanted to vote with an Adhar card… Next what? I was denied boarding the flight with a train ticket….??”, one user wrote, “She should change her name to Gawar Khan”, another commented, “So someone please tell her that Election card is a proof of citizenship and Adhaar card is just proof of identity.”

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