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Gauahar Feels Eijaz Became A Dictator In Bigg Boss 14

Known for her brilliant acting in films like Ishaqzaade (2012) and her dance numbers over the years in films, renowned TV celebrity Gauahar Khan feels Eijaz became a dictator in Bigg Boss 14.

Ishaqzaade (2012) fame Bollywood actress and ace TV celebrity Gauahar Khan who came in the show for three weeks as a Toofani senior along with Hina Khan and Sidharth Shukla in the current season of the ongoing controversial TV reality show that airs on Colors TV with Salman Khan as the host, now even after going out of the house, is an ardent follower and watches the show very religiously and in in this same ongoing trend, she made some interesting observations wherein the latest update is that Gauahar feels Eijaz became a dictator in Bigg Boss 14.

The latest happening scoop of the day is that after the stunning Toofani senior made a detailed and minute watch of the yesterday’s episode, she has thereby come to a conclusion of the same where Gauahar feels Eijaz became a dictator in Bigg Boss 14.

This is a very true fact now which might be making her fans also very happy and excited that yet again being true to herself and always unapologetically honest, their favorite blue eyed girl Gauahar feels Eijaz became a dictator in Bigg Boss 14.

Renowned TV celebrity and Bollywood actress Gauahar feels Eijaz became a dictator in Bigg Boss 14 and she saw that image of being a dictator instead of being a captain within him after watching yesterday’s entire episode.

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Gauahar who had earlier graced her powerful presence in the Bigg Boss 14 house as a Toofani senior immediately took to her Twitter handle and tweeted her honest real take and opinion about the same. Where her tweet caption read, “Captain is a Captain, NOT a DICTATOR”.

Source: Gauahar Khan Twitter. She has bashed Eijaz for his sick joke of underwear in this tweet of hers.

After reading Gauahar’s tweet, even Rubina’s good friend and co-star Kamya Punjabi ended up agreeing with Gauahar’s point of view and retweeted her tweet where Kamya’s caption read, “Your anger and outburst was absolutely right #KavitaKaushik, this man is power crazy, now we know why you did not want to call him your friend”. Kamya openly shared her displeasure and anger on Eijaz’s joke about making contestant Nikki Tamboli wash his under wear.

Source: Kamya Punjabi Twitter. She has supported her best friend Kavita Kaushik and mocked Eijaz for his dirty underwear joke.

In another one of her tweets, Kamya shared her shocked reaction on the captain Eijaz making the contestant Nikki wash his underwear in Bigg Boss 14. She tweeted about the same, where her caption read, “What ????? Did the captain make a girl wash his underwears????  Did I hear the beeps correctly?? I am shocked !!!!!”.

Source: Kamya Punjabi Twitter. She has shared her surprised and frazzled reaction on Eijaz making Nikki wash his underwear.

In her longest series of tweets, she further also unleashed her rage and wrath on the sick and stupid joke of the underwear and tweeted, “A joke ok, still underwear? A joke which was only between two people! This only defamed #nikitamboli in front of other housemates! Chalo dhulwaya nahi par shukwa toh diya #sick”.

Source: Kamya Punjabi Twitter. She has unleashed her anger on Eijaz for making Nikki do such a shameful thing.

She reacted this way while replying and answering former contestant Andy’s tweet which read, “@KhanEijaz was joking @iamkamyapunjabi love. @nikkitamboli would never wash anyone’s underwear!”.

Source: VJ Andy Twitter. He has tried to defend Eijaz in this tweet of his.

Meanwhile, Punjabi singer Sara Gurpal who was one of the first contestants to get ousted and evicted from the house defended Eijaz and supporting him she tweeted that Eijaz is doing well as a captain in the house.

Sara gave reference to that moment in the house where almost everyone was hungry and didn’t have food for a half day because of Nikki and praised and applauded Eijaz for giving the accurate and apt punishment for both Naina Singh and Jaan Kumar Sanu. Her tweet caption read, “#Eijaz is doing amazing as a caption. Jab #NikkiTamboli ki wajah se poora ghar half day se jayda bhukha rha wo thik hai ! But ab khud se bhukha nhe rha ja raha toh problem hai. Jisne galat Kia saza milni chahiye as a captain #EijazKhan sahi Kia. (When almost half of the housemates were hungry for the entire half day because of #NikkiTamboli, then it was fine. Now, when that same person can’t stay hungry anymore for her survival in the house, then it is a problem. The person who has committed a fault and is guilty for the same should definitely be punished, and also as a captain Eijaz Khan took the right call)”.

Source: Sara Gurpal Twitter. she has also supported this decision of Eijaz in her tweet.

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