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Gagan Slams Devoleena, Devoleena Hits Back With Assault Pictures

Gagan finally breaking his silence after 3 days of Divya's death, put a video on his account lashing out on Devoleena and Divya's brother Devashish, which only backfired on him badly as then Devoleena hit back at him with a new video and Divya's sexual and physical domestic assault pictures on her Instagram handle.

This has surely been becoming a raging controversy off late which started with late Indian TV actress Divya Bhatnagar’s untimely tragic demise due to COVID 19 coupled with pneumonia and cardiac arrest on 7th December 2020 at 3 am in the morning post which her family and closest friend Devoleena has been very emotionally disturbed and shattered and she made a video that day itself exposing Divya’s husband Gagan Gabru and then now three days later he got irked by it due to which Gagan slams Devoleena, Devoleena hits back with assault pictures.

Finally after he is getting slammed and maligned on Instagram for domestic violence on late wife Divya, releasing a video on his Instagram account, Gagan slams Devoleena, Devoleena hits back with assault pictures.

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He specifically tried mocking and bashing Devoleena Bhattacharjee for trying to mock and make fun of Divya’s death and also has placed serious allegations on her for gaining publicity out of it. Post Gagan slams Devoleena, Devoleena hits back with assault pictures.

Divya Bhatnagar’s tragic death due to COVID 19 has already put the Television industry in shock and now the late TV actress best known for role in Rajan Shahi’s popular tv serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (Star Plus, 2009 – present), is gaining the limelight and attention for all the controversial reasons off late from past few days.

Divya’s husband Gagan in his video has clearly slammed and tried bashing Devoleena and mentioned that in 6 years of their marriage, never even once has he seen her coming over to meet Divya except for one time and also directly placed blames on Divya’s brother Devashish for never even coming to meet her but directly just releasing the screenshot chats of Divya and her brother’s conversation on Instagram post.

Source: Gagan Gabru Instagram. He is seen slamming Devoleena and Divya’s brother in this video.

Soon after Gagan’s video, just an hour ago, Devoleena hits back with another video on instagram where the main highlight of the video was that Devoleena clearly told that how Gagan used to keep Divya locked in a room and always used to beat her along with mentally harassing her but Divya never told anyone as he had threatened her of killing her brother and parents if she tried to tell anyone about the same and she can prove the same as she and many of Divya’s friends whom she has no idea about have got loads of strong proofs and evidences of the same in the form of messages, voice recordings, phone call recordings, pictures and what not. She also finally also told that if Gagan claims to be so innocent then he should come to the Oshiwara police station and try proving it legally there and she will deal with him there only. Lastly she also told that such a fraud and dubious conniving vile of a person should not roam around freely after committing domestic violence and should be given the hardest punishment.

Source: Devoleena Bhattacharjee Instagram. she posted this video as a reply to the fake Gagan Gabru’s allegations on her.

Not only this video, but Devoleena even hit back with the assault pictures on her Instagram account and wrote a caption with the pictures that read, “Ok so sharing few of the incidents and also the chats between divya and her friend and also her neighbour who is the witness of all….The assault she had gone through no can even imagine….Let’s fight against domestic violence and punish the culprit… #divyabhatnagarofficial”.

Source: Devoleena Bhattacharjee Instagram. After Gagan lashes out on Devoleena, Devoleena decided to hit back with these domestic and physical assault pictures of Divya on her Instagram handle.

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