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Four More Shots Please: Bani J On Overcoming Body Shame Issues

Bani J talks about how she overcame body shaming issues and how it made her strong. Read below to know more.

Gurbani Judge popularly known as Bani J and VJ Vani is an Indian fitness model. She also showcased in Amazon Prime’s original series Four More Shots Please. Bani is also an MTV India Presenter. She also participated in MTV Roadies season 10 and was the runner up in that season. From there she climbed the stairs of success without looking back through sheer hard work and passion.

Bani also featured in Bigg Boss 10 and became the first runner-up. She has also won one of the best performing contestants in a season of Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi.

Bani is known for inked body and absolute perfect physique and has also extended her performance to the big screen and web series world apart from her small-screen presence. The gorgeous fit diva made her fiction debut with Vikas Gupta in his period drama Rani Mahal. She was last seen in a Telugu film titled Thikka.

Speaking of Bani’s personal life, the VJ is from Chandigarh and she is very close to her mother and sister. Bani is often criticized for her lifestyle and physique. And honestly speaking Bani said that she has worked hard to attain the type of physique she has now. She always had the desire to be in the shape she is currently. She works hard and maintains proper discipline when it comes to her workout sessions. In an interview, Bani revealed that she takes her body and food seriously.

Sharing her diet plan Bani said, Bani J said, “I consume whole ingredients, which refer to items that have nothing added to them. Eggs, sweet potatoes and rice are whole foods. Bread, on the other hand, has added elements. I have more than 370gms of carbohydrates a day. My body blossoms with white rice. I am against the idea of removing a food group from my diet.”

Bani further added that the gym has been a constant in her life and she started training when she was just 19-years of age. She recalls that moment when she first picked up the 20 kg bar and thinking to herself that she is stupid for doing so.

She further went on to say that her exercises were intense and tough for even the boys. But she never wanted to be ‘strong for girl’, she just wanted to be strong.

Bani went on to confess that even her mom tried bodybuilding and trained religiously. Even her sister would go to the gym where Bani would accompany her and sit on a gym bench sipping aerated drinks watching her work out.

Bani then said that her fitness did not come overnight as she has always been inspired by a lifestyle. She said, “My sister and I would enjoy making the journey to school early in the morning. We liked the athletic lifestyle we lived, then going on to take part in cross-country relays. That built my foundation in fitness.”

Talking about body shaming, Bani thinks that it all started by media. While speaking about body shaming towards celebrities, Bani said, “It all has started from media, beauty magazines back in the year 2000 where people started the constant talk of how to get flawless body and skin using certain beauty product. Fashion magazine, beauty magazine started promoting the whole thing and the unrealistic desire of getting perfect body!”

Recalling her past, Bani said, “Well, I would say that people tried to humiliate me but they could not succeed because I do not care…. Why should I care on the comments of people who do not know how physical training and weight lifting helped me to grow stronger mentally, physically and spiritually? They don’t know anything.”

Bani is truly an inspiration for many who are trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle because of body shaming.

On the work front, Bani J will be seen in the second season of Amazon Prime’s original series Four More Shots Please along with Kirti Kulhari, Maanvi Gagroo, and Sayani Gupta.

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