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Five Reasons Why Aly’s Entry In Bigg Boss 14 Is Much Awaited

Yeh Hai Mohobbatein (Star Plus, 2013 - 2019), fame handsome hunk TV actor Aly Goni, is to enter Bigg Boss 14 for bestfriend Jasmin Bhasin tonight and we can't keep our calm which is where we bring you the 5 reasons why Aly's entry in Bigg Boss 14 is much awaited.

The current season of the TV reality show Bigg Boss 14 on Colors TV hosted by Salman Khan is no doubt very controversial and entertaining where each day the audiences, viewers, fans and netizens are also seeing a lot of new friendships blooming, old friendships broken, love triangles being formed, the heated catfights, and so on, the makers and creators to spice up the show more are going to drop a huge bomb soon where we get you the five reasons why Aly’s entry in Bigg Boss 14 is much awaited.

This impromptu surprise bomb drop by the makers and creators of the show in tonight’s episode of the TV reality show is surely going to grab more eyeballs along with creating a chaos in the lives of the Bigg Boss 14 current housemates and surely the drama and entertainment quotient is all set to rise up to another level and notch with this happening update where even audiences and his fans are excited for the same, the new update in the same is that we get forth to you the five reasons why Aly’s entry in Bigg Boss 14 is much awaited.

With the news of Aly Goni entering the Bigg Boss house to boost the morale and support his rumored girlfriend and bestfriend Jasmin in Bigg Boss 14, which makes his entry very intriguing one that too full of surprises and bomb drops on the other housemates with this new development to spice up the show and now we give the best 5 reasons why Aly’s entry in Bigg Boss 14 is much awaited.

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1. Aly’s new avatar –

Aly is one of the most hottest and charismatic TV actor celebrities on the tube right now and especially presently with his clean shaven look which he hasn’t really sported for a while, thanks to his official digital OTT web series debut Zidd, we got a glimpse of it in the promos, and everyone’s totally loving his new look. Don’t You?

2. Jasmin’s Knight In Shining Armour –

Even though there have been ongoing media reports and rumor mills were buzzing with the news of a relationship between Aly and Jasmin, recently Aly cleared that they both are BFFs. Now, for the people who aren’t following the show or into it that much, Jasmin was recently very upset because of a comment made by her fellow housemate and contestant Rahul Vaidya and due to which currently she has been feeling quite low in recent episodes. We hope Aly’s entry cheers her up!

3. Show Needs Good Looking Men –

After Nishant’s unexpected elimination on Monday, the show is lacking in the good looking suave actor contestants sector majorly. Don’t you all agree on the same ? Well now with Aly’s entry this is going to definitely change as his handsome chiselled looks and rugged macho body are going to up and bring back the oomph and glamour factor in Bigg Boss 14 house.

4. He’d Be Performing Tasks Again –

We loved Aly in Khatron Ke Khiladi and watching him perform tasks was a visually satisfying treat for his fans and the audiences watching him in action while performing his tasks and stunts whilst in the show. There are very few artists who are so dedicated and passionate about their work, even if it is in a reality show and Aly is one of them. His never-giving up spirit and zealousness to always be positive was very inspiring. Now, once again, we get to see him doing tasks in the house, and we love it!

5. His Carefree Attitude And Sense Of Humor Is Best –

Be it the hunk and dapper TV actor’s interviews, or his public appearances in events or TV shows, Aly is known for his carefree approach to things and his amazing sense of humour. And it is no secret that the show desperately needs that at the moment!

Well, here’s wishing Aly all the luck in the world for the show!

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