Five Must-See Indian Web Series Of The Year 2019

This winter when all we can think about is snuggling in our warm blanket and having some hot coffee another thing we could add is binge-watching some Web Series.

2019 has given us some of the best Web series and here are our top five picks for you.

1. Kota Factory – A beautiful eye-opening series for all IIT-aspirants to make them understand the harsh reality of the system and that how difficult it is to get in. It also focuses on how much different and tough IIT preparation is than any other exam or competition in the country. The series beautifully portrays how a teenager, who is still not an adult, has to concentrate on the books despite all sorts of pressure, friendship, and infatuation.

2. Made in Heaven – The show focuses on the outnumbered topic from an affair to homosexuality, friendship and love, dowry to old baseless traditions, hurt and betrayal all together combined and presented to us. The show also exposes the bitter truth of big fat Indian weddings. 

3. The Family Man – The show revolves around the life of a family man working with TASC under the NIA. The show has a lot of subtle comedy, different types of relationships, family bonding and issues. Manoj Bajpayee’s screen presence is so powerful that you would not want to miss a single frame he’s in. Every character has been portrayed with such dedication, you would almost feel the entire show is a reality.

4. Delhi Crime – A top-notch and brilliantly executed plus extremely well directed ‘Delhi Crime’ is dark, chilling and a remarkable series about the Nirbhaya gang-rape case. It highlights the role of Delhi Police in capturing the culprits despite handling the nation’s anger, media’s protest, inner conflicts, and political pressure 

5. RejctX – A teen drama miniseries full of school masala is a perfect web series to watch this cozy winter.