Find Out What Makes Indiawaali Maa Actor Suchita Trivedi Emotional

Suchita Trivedi who is seen as a determinant, optimistic and a doting mother in the show gets emotional whenever she hears the Harshdeep Kaur song.

Suchita Trivedi, who is known for her splendid work in Indian Television Industry, is currently seen playing the role of Kaku in Indiawaali Maa and Harshdeep Kaur, who is popularly known as Sufi Ki Sultana has sung the song Main Toh Maa Hoon for Indiawaali Maa.

Suchita Trivedi who is seen as a determinant, optimistic, and a doting mother in the show gets emotional whenever she hearing Harshdeep Kaur song for Indiawaali Maa.

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Speaking about the same, she shares that, “Indiawaali Maa song, Main Toh Maa Hoon perfectly defines Kaku and situation where she wants to be a part of her son Rohan’s life. The lyrics perfectly define Kaku and it resonates with every mother in our country.”

Adding further to this, she said, “Also Harshdeep has beautifully sung the song and I automatically get emotional and start crying whenever I hear this song. She connected to this song on a deeper level and felt that Maa Toh Aakhir Maa Hai. This song depicts the ideal sentiment for our show, Indiawaali Maa.”

Suchita who started her marital life back in 2018, says she has taken inspiration from her mother and mother-in-law to essay Kaku’s character. But when asked if she was a mother would she be like Kaku, Suchita said, “Indiawaali Maa is not just the show, I am associated with, it is a part of me now. I would be a mother exactly like Indiawaali Maa and will be a strong pillar to my kids. I would like to know if they are doing okay and the tiniest detail in their lives even they have achieved great things and doing well for themselves. That’s what it takes to be a great mother like Kaku and that’s how I have seen my mother too.”

On being the part of the show, Suchita said, “Indiawaali maa is not just a show, it is an inspiration for me in real sense as a child always needs the support of the mother, be it any phase of life and Kaku character is leaving no stone unturned to help her grown-up son who believes that he can manage his problems. The endearing story is something that everyone will be able to relate to.”

Indiawaali Maa spins around the fact that you are always going to need your mother no matter how old you get. There is nothing quite comforting as having a mother’s arm wrapped around us when we are sad, lonely, or in distress. It brings forth the message that you can always reach out to her for any help and she will find a solution or soothe your way into one.