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Exclusive: Himanshi Khurana Talks About New Song ‘Gallan Bholiyan’ With Asim Riaz

Lehren's exclusive with Bigg Boss fame Himanshi Khurana as she talks about her new song 'Gallan Bholiyan' with Asim Riaz.

Himanshi Khurana’s new song ‘Gallan Bholiyan’, also featuring her beau Asiam Riaz is out. Within a few hours of its release, the song is eying for 1 million views on YouTube. We got in touch with Himanshi to talk about her new song and here’s how the conversation went!

Fans were eagerly waiting for this song and now when it has finally been released today, how is the initial response?

It’s been good. We were not going to release the teaser and had planned to release the song directly. But the company chose to give a teaser and people loved it. I always feel nervous before the release and I keep thinking about whether people will like it or not. But I am happy that people are liking my new song.

You have a massive fan following and your work is always appreciated by your fans. Why do you feel nervous?

According to me, this nervousness is very important. The day I stop being nervous, I will assume that I have achieved everything in life. The release of our projects is just like an exam for us. We are the workers and the audience is our boss. Just like people are nervous before giving a presentation in front of their bosses, the same way we get nervous before the release.

Nervousness is very important. And it will help you to improve in life.

You and Asim have already featured in a lot of music videos before ‘Gallan Boliyan’. So, what new are you offering with your latest song?

Yes, we have done 4 music videos together, and ‘Gallan Bholiyan’ is the 5th one. We were being offered many songs but we rejected because we didn’t find any of them appealing. But when I was working on this song, we all felt that Asim would be the right fit. I personally like this song a lot. And people love our bubbly and romantic chemistry, so I thought, why not do this again! But we took a gap of almost one year.

You are dating Asim Riaz for about 2 years now! What are the things you like about him?

I like everything about him. He is very naughty and creates a new hubbub every other day. He can’t sit quietly. Asim is like a hyperactive child.

Is he mischievous on sets also?

No, it reduces by 90% on the set. We like to keep our lives private and don’t indulge in PDA. So, when we are on set, our priority is to finish our work.

You have also given your voice to ‘Gallan Bholiyan’!

I found this song easy to attempt. Firstly because it suits my voice. Secondly, because it has a touch of folk music that is sung during the wedding functions in Punjab.

Watch Himanshi Khurana’s New Song ‘Gallan Bholiyan’ here:

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