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Eijaz Spills Beans On His Marriage Plans With Ladylove Pavitra

Finally addressing the most asked question by their #Pavijaz fans on social media, in a new interview conversation, BB14 fame Eijaz spills beans on his marriage plans with ladylove Pavitra.

Another most loved and fans favorite couple that is getting loved even in real life after the recently concluded season of the popular and controversial TV reality show Bigg Boss 14 is the much in love couple of TV actors Eijaz Khan and Pavitra Punia who are also shipped on social media by their fandom as #Pavijaz. In a recent interview, Eijaz spills beans on his marriage plans with ladylove Pavitra.

From the time they both openly confessed their love for each other in the show, they have been together ever since. Their mushy and adorable couple pictures with each other are just painting the social media and town red in color of their love and now in a latest chat interview, Eijaz spills beans on his marriage plans with ladylove Pavitra.

This BB14 fame real life couple is often seen attending parties together, making joint appearances at events and also sharing their totally cute coupley pictures with their fans on social media and whilst fans are really concerned on Eijaz’s wedding plans, now finally clearing the air around it, Eijaz spills beans on his marriage plans with ladylove Pavitra.

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In his most recent interview, even though Eijaz spills beans on his marriage plans with ladylove Pavitra but he refused to divulge or share any more personal details and whilst in conversation with a leading digital Bollywood entertainment portal when Eijaz was quizzed about if him and Pavitra are getting married soon, on this Eijaz said, “Now this is like a public marriage, we need to inform everyone whatever happens in our lives. I need to share where we are staying, whether we are staying together. And, I am a very private person!. I wanted to make Pavitra secure, I wanted to show to the world that my intentions are very Pavitra, so did that (talked about relationship openly). But, now we would want to keep personal, whatever personal things happen. I do not want to put a date on it, I do not want to tell people what are we going to do. Whatever happens and whenever it happens, you will all get to know”. Saying that there is nothing much to hide, but he really doesn’t want to talk about it that much.

As both Eijaz and Pavitra had sat down for this interview together, elaborating in details on how the Yeh Hai Mohobbatein (Star Plus, 2013 – 2019), fame stunning TV star’s entire life changed after meeting her beloved ‘Khan Saab’ in Bigg Boss 14, Pavitra shared, “After meeting Eijaz, zindagi me ek thehrao aya. Babli jo bubbly thi wo”.

Whilst Pavitra also opened up on the feeling of becoming grounded and humble that came with Eijaz’s entry in her life, also talking about her experience in Bigg Boss house, Pavitra told, “After spending time in that house, aapko aate daal ka bhao pata chal jata hai. What you need to correct and what you are doing wrong in life”.

Also, Pavitra and Eijaz constantly share totally passionate and lovey dovey pictures of them together on their social media handles which ends up leaving all their #Pavijaz fans in frenzy and tizzy by seeing their real love and undeniable chemistry with each other.

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