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Dr. Chidambaram Pillai’s Story In Mere Sai Alone Convinced Me To Take Up The Role, Says Sunil Chauhan

The current track of Sony Entertainment Television’s Mere Sai: Shraddha aur Saburi highlights the story of Dr. Chidambaram Pillai who is an expert in the field of Ayurveda and homeopathy. A non-believer of Sai Baba (Tushar Dalvi), Dr. Pillai visits Shirdi to live with his son. Suffering with a disease and having no will to fight it, he finally meets Sai who solves his issue through his divinity and makes him healthy again. Because of Sai’s deed, Dr. Pillai’s view completely changes towards him. Considers this role to be nothing short of Baba’s blessing, here is actor Sunil Chauhan talking about his role and the show in a candid conversation.

What made you say yes to the role in Mere Sai?

Dr. Chidambaram Pillai’s character narration and the story alone was enough to persuade me to take on this role. I was aware of his story and as an actor, it was a fantastic opportunity to portray a personality who is complicated yet engaging. The viewers will witness how Dr. Pillai who was a non-believer of Sai Baba and, was an expert when it comes to Ayurveda and homeopathy changes his view completely after an encounter with Baba. He starts trusting in him and soon becomes one of his most dedicated devotee. I am really elated to be playing such an important part in the show and hope the story reaches to all the viewers of the show far and wide.

You will be seen playing an important role in the show. Tell us something about your character.

Dr. Pillai was an honest and a great vaid (doctor). He was one of the biggest devotees of Sai Baba who lovingly used to address him as, ‘bhau’ so much so that he also used to consult him when it came to pressing matters. Considering I have extensively read about Dr. Pillai, it was easy for me to pick up the nuances and essay the role. I hope the viewers take note and learn valuable lessons from the track.

What will be the key takeaway for the viewers from this track?

Through this track, the viewers will learn the importance of being true and honest when it comes to the inner transactions of human life. It does not matter what worldly possession a man has; humility is what will help him reach the epitome of peace and happiness.

Are you taking any specific preparations?

As mentioned previously, I Dr. Pillai was a very interesting personality, and I am very happy to play him on screen. I have a lot about him and, it was easy for me to understand his character since the beginning. I think it is very important to feel the character you are performing and for that you must know about the character in detail.

What is your greatest inspiration?

My greatest inspiration has always been my lovely mother and God. My mother has inspired me to be who I am today. Everything in our lives revolve around our family. Her greatest strength was in encouraging me to develop my own identity and independence.

When did you decided that you want to become an actor?

I was in college. It was during my graduation when I realized that I wanted to become an actor and after which I did my post-graduation in theatre from National School of Drama in New Delhi.

What has been your greatest accomplishment as an actor?

I think I try to find out complicated layers of human nature which is still an ongoing process.

What are your future plans?

To do more complicated characters in a simple way and to always be an honest actor.

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