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Divyanka Slams Mukesh Khanna’s Regressive Views On #MeToo

Yeh Hai Mohobbatein fame A list TV actress Divyanka Tripathi slams veteran TV actor Mukesh Khanna's regressive views on #MeToo movement

Mukesh Khanna best known for his roles in TV serials like Mahabharat and Shaktimaan had recently just a few days back uploaded a video on the global phenomenon of the #MeToo movement where he shared his sexist and utterly misogynistic thinking that women going out to work and thinking they can be equal to men is the cause of #MeToo which went viral and broke the internet also leaving all the netizens and twitteratis angry and livid. Now apart from the audiences and viewers, even the reputed and well known ace TV actress Divyanka slams Mukesh Khanna’s regressive views on #MeToo.

It seems like veteran TV actor Mukesh Khanna is controversy’s favorite as always he finds himself and his name conjoined and mired in the controversies thanks to his statements and remarks. Now yet again, he has found himself in a sea of never ending troubles and the murkiest hot waters for his outdated, orthodox, conservative and hypocritical thinking on the #MeToo movement on which now apart from the audiences and netizens now the top most globally adored TV actress Divyanka slams Mukesh Khanna’s regressive views on #MeToo.

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The exact controversy stirring statements that he made in the video were, “Aurat ka kaam hai ghar sambhalna (The only work of a woman is just limited and is only to take care of the house). Problem kahaan se shuru hui hai #MeToo ki jab auraton ne bhi kaam karna shuru kar diya (The problem and global movement of #MeToo started right from the moment when women started working). Aaj aurat mard ke saath kandhey se kandha milane ke baat karti hai (Today, the current Indian modern day women talk freely and openly about walking shoulder-to-shoulder with the same respect as men)”.

Unleashing and exploding her anger and furiousness on veteran TV actor Mukesh Khanna for such oppressive and old fashioned outdated views on #MeToo movement, A lister TV actress Yeh Hai Mohobbatein (Star Plus 2013 – 2019) fame Divyanka Tripathi immediately took to her official Twitter handle and wrote a tweet which read, “How regressive & outdated is that! It’s cringeworthy when people at respectable positions make such remarks. Misogyny may be a result of a traumatic memory or past. That’s the only benefit of doubt I can think of. With due respect – I condemn this statement of Mukesh ji!”.

Source: Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya Twitter. She has slammed Mukesh Khanna’s regressive views on #MeToo

After facing the wrath and ire of the fans, Netizens, social media users, audiences, twitteratis and everyone else for his statement which claimed that #MeToo movement started the moment women went out of their houses for working, TV actor Mukesh Khanna has defended himself and his statement by issuing an explanation for the same where he cleared that his words and statements are being perceived in a very wrong way.

He said, “I am surprised that my statement has been perceived in an extremely wrong way, and is being looked at in a totally flawed context. The whole thing has been blown out of proportion. It’s being said that I am against women. But I can say with confidence that not many have as much respect for women as I do. I never said that women shouldn’t work”.

Mukesh Khanna has vehemently denied making sexist and misogynist remarks about women in lieu of the #MeToo movement.

What is your take on the veteran actor’s old fashioned remarks on women in context of the #MeToo movement? Do let us know in the comments below.

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