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Divya Supporting Pearl Says He Was Going To Sign A Big Film

In her recent social media long note and post on Instagram handle, Divya Khosla Kumar supporting Pearl slams the victim's parents and says Pearl was going to sign a big film and now its doomed.

Bollywood actress and film maker Divya Khosla Kumar who had worked with Pearl V Puri in one of her music videos titled Teri Aankhon Mein has come out in support of the TV actor who has been accused of sexually molesting a minor 2 years back on sets of TV czarina Ekta Kapoor’s serial Bepanah Pyaar (Colors TV, 2019) and post which was arrested under POSCO act by Mumbai police and in her recent interview, Divya supporting Pearl says he was going to sign a big film.

Opening up on same in her long note through her instagram post a day back, Divya supporting Pearl says he was going to sign a big film.

Also sharing about how his career could get doomed once he comes out as innocent after all this, Divya supporting Pearl says he was going to sign a big film.

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In her long instagram post revealing the minor girl’s parents identities and slamming them along with also questioning others about how this fake accusation could hurt his career badly, Divya supporting Pearl says he was going to sign a big film.

She also mentioned clearly that Pearl is getting framed and is being used as a scapegoat in their ugly custody battle and also said that it’s the parent’s role in the entire case against Pearl.

Taking to her social media handle, Divya said, “It’s a very serious charge, and it will have far-reaching repercussions on Pearl’s career. He was just starting out in life. Television had given him stardom. And I can tell you, he was on the verge of signing a very big film. Now everything is lost”.

Also getting emotional since Pearl just lost his father sometime ago, Divya said, “Pearl lost his father some time ago. His mother who is not well at all calls me and just cries and cries asking for my help. I feel helpless and angry. I know Pearl well. We’ve worked together. He is a good human being, sincere and hardworking. He doesn’t deserve this. On what grounds have they booked him for such serious charges? This is the frightening side of the #MeToo movement whereby a man’s career and reputation are destroyed, families are ruined”.

Divya wants to do all that she can to help Pearl and his family and speaking more about it in her recent new instagram post, Divya added, “These are simple godfearing people from Agra who have no clue as to how to tackle the situation. I am glad Ekta Kapoor spoke up for Pearl. More people need to come forward in his support, because I truly believe he is innocent. What is being done to him by some vested interests is horrific. It should not happen to anyone”.

Divya brings up Sushant Singh Rajput’s case and feels Pearl is in a similar situation. “I didn’t know Sushant at all. But my heart reached out to him. In this case, I know Pearl I am convinced he can’t do something so awful. He is being used to settle scores”.

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