Divya Agarwal Reacts On Varun Sood’s Alleged Affair With Madhurima Roy

After Varun Sood is accused of having an affair with Madhurima Roy, actress Divya Agarwal reacts on Twitter.

Television actress and Bigg Boss OTT winner Divya Agarwal announced breakup with Varun Sood on the evening of 6th March. Soon after the announcement, Divya’s fans united and blamed Varun Sood for the separation. He was accused of cheating on Divya.

Twitter users shared a short clip of Varun that was initially shared by Madhurima Roy in her Instagram story. People speculated an affair between Varun and Madhurima and assumed it to be a reason for Divya and Varun’s break-up.

After Varun was heavily criticized on Twitter, Divya came out in his support and defended him. She wrote in a tweet, “Dare any one say anything about Varun’s character.. not every separation happens because of character! He is an honest man! It’s my decision to be alone no one has the right to speak anything rubbish ! It takes a lot of strength to take decisions like these in life ! Respect.”

Divya also posted about Madhurima in her Instagram story. Tagging her, she wrote, “You are a sweetheart. Don’t worry. Love you.

To this, Madhurima said, “To the ones spewing distasteful hate messages all over my profile, you guys really hit an all time low.”

Replying to Divya, she said, “Varun and you are dearest despite anything. Peace out man.”

Source: Madhurima Roy Instagram

Varun Sood’s fans also stood in his support. A user wrote, “breakup kre ladki, for her own reasons but blame goes on the boy? that he cheated? no wonder our society is fcked up!”

Another Twitter user wrote, “People think a man is always wrong. Harsh reality!! If a couple part ways, why only man is considered to be as a playboy. Knowing varun from roadies, I don’t think he’ll cheat her. People need to stop with their assumptions and theories.”

Announcing the breakup, Divya had written on Instagram, “Life is such a circus! Try n keep everyone happy, expect nothing that’s true but what happens when the self love starts declining ?? No i don’t blame anyone for anything that’s happening to me.. I feel worked up .. and that’s okay ….I want to breathe n live for myself .. that’s okay ! I hereby formally declare that I’m on my own in this life and would like to take my time to live the way I want to ! No, it’s not always necessary to have big statements, excuses and reasons for a decision. It’s just my choice to step out of it. I really value and love all the happy moments I spent with him. He’s a great guy! He will always be my best friend. Please respect my decision.”

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