Divya Agarwal Puts An END To Divorce Rumors With Husband Apurva Padgaonkar

Recently divorce rumors concerning Divya Agarwal and Apurva Padgaonkar surfaced, after the actress deleted her wedding pictures from Instagram.

Divya Agarwal has addressed divorce rumors with husband Apurva Padgaonkar after removing her wedding photos from Instagram. In a lengthy Instagram story, she clarified that all is well between them and mentioned that she deleted several posts, but the media focused only on her marriage.

Divya added that, moving forward, she wants the media to focus solely on her work. She wrote, I made no noise I made no comments or stories… I deleted 2500 posts Yet The media chose to see and react only to my marriage. It’s funny how people see and expect things out of me. I have always done something people never expected out of me.”

Busting divorce rumors she added, “And what they expecting now-the babies or divorce… none of it is happening In reality my first pinned post on my profile is the thing I want to be the talked about from now onwards. Every movie ends with a happily ever after and by gods grace my husband is snoring away to glory right next to me!”

For the unversed, divorce rumors about Divya and her husband Apurva surfaced on the internet after the actress deleted her wedding pictures from her Instagram account which eventually made her fans perceive that the actress might be heading for divorce.

Meanwhile, after breaking up with Varun Sood, in 2022, on her 30th birthday, Divya Agarwal’s boyfriend, Apurva proposed to the actress on her birthday, and the couple got engaged on December 4 and tied the knot on February 20.

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