Dilip Joshi Slams OTT Platforms For Abusive Lingo Used In Webseries

During his recent chat podcast interview with Sorabh Pant, TV superstar Dilip Joshi slammed OTT platforms for using abusive lingo in webseries.

Dilip Joshi, who is the pan Indian TV superstar and ace actor loved by all in India and abroad for his brilliant performance as Jethalal Gada in Sab TV’s hit clean family comedy sitcom Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, is a name and brand in himself today that needs no further introduction. During one of his recent interview podcast, Dilip Joshi slams OTT platforms for abusive lingo used in webseries.

Dilip Joshi who has also acted in Bollywood films in his illustrious career spanning so many years is a versatile stellar performer who can pull off any type of out of the box and unconventional character very flawlessly with confidence and determination. While in his recent interview chat podcast with Sorabh Pant, Dilip Joshi slams OTT platforms for abusive lingo used in webseries.

The prolific and bonafide TV superstar says that the abusive language that is nowadays being used in OTT platforms digital webseries content is not nice along with being very distasteful as well.

He was all praises and applauds for the Amazon Prime Video webseries “Bandish Bandits” during his interview with Pant, but also slammed and criticized the OTT platforms for heavily using the slang words, expletive terms also termed in hinglish as ‘gaali’. He was critically acclaiming the music of the dynamic trio Shankar Ehsaan and Loy along with the brilliant acting by Naseeruddin Shah. But when asked about his honest take on the usage of expletives in OTT platforms, he said, “On OTT platforms, we can see some mind-blowing work. There are some great performances. But I feel that there are a lot of expletives used when they are not necessary”.

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When he got questioned about his experience of watching Bandish Bandits, he said, “Like I saw Bandish Bandits recently and it was wonderful. It had wonderful performances and Shankar, Ehsaan, and Loy gave superb music. But there is one character in it who is himself not comfortable to give gaalis. That was really funny. I don’t know if they have a clause to have cuss words. Without that also, you can do great work”.

Explaining the same point he gave out some examples from our Indian cinema also known as Bollywood film industry who are the legendary yesteryear legendary actors, which delivered path breaking performances in their film career without using any bad words. He said, “Like Raj Kapoor ji, Hrishikesh Mukherjee ji and Shyam Benegal ji have done timeless work. They didn’t feel the need to include gaalis”.

Also Dilip mentioned the fact that how one can show the reality without using expletives every now and then. Elucidating the same point he quipped, “If you want to show reality, then also show people going to the toilet and taking a bath. What you cater to the audience, matters. What you see, remains with you. Do you want to create a society in which people talk only using abusive language? There is a limit to everything. If it is within a limit, it is enjoyable. If it goes beyond limit, it starts troubling you”.

Speaking about just trying to follow the western culture in terms of content, he stated, “I can understand that you need to change with time and evolve. Lekin kya gaali dena aage badhna hai? Whatever is happening in the west, you want to do that here”.

Also reminding everyone about how the west is trying to adapt the culture of the east, he said, “The west is looking at the culture of the east. Our culture and traditions are the oldest. We have so many amazing things in our culture and without knowing that, you have to blindly follow the west. In their culture, they use the F word a lot and so it doesn’t seem unnatural in their shows and content. It’s not that here. Do you talk to your parents like that?”.