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Dilip Joshi Reveals All About Ae Pagal Aurat Dialogue Getting Banned

The actor Dilip Joshi who is a nationwide iconic Indian TV superstar where his character Jethalal Gada has become a cult favorite, reveals all about the famous catch phrase "Ae Pagal Aurat" being banned.

Ace TV actor Dilip Joshi who became the iconic actor and a household name on a pan India level as Jethalal Gada from Sab TV’s hit comedy sitcom Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah and has been ruling the hearts of the audiences from past so many years is a name that we all reckon with and have grown up watching Taarak Mehta in our childhood years.  During a recent interview, Dilip Joshi reveals all about Ae Pagal Aurat dialogue getting banned.

Best known and very famous for his cult character Jethalal in all over India, in a podcast interview very recently just a few days back Dilip Joshi reveals all about Ae Pagal Aurat dialogue getting banned.

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Having a legacy of being one of the most clean family cult hit comedy sit coms from past so many years on Indian Television, Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah has been an integral part of our childhood and growing up years where no one can forget the iconic dialogue of Ae Pagal Aurat in the show uttered by Jethalal to Daya (Disha Vakani) which is a big cult catchy phrase today that is used by memers and meme makers in their memes on Instagram. It is true that, Dilip Joshi has been avoiding saying that dialogue in the show which is a big surprising thing. But during his recent podcast conversational chat interview, Dilip Joshi reveals all about Ae Pagal Aurat dialogue getting banned.

In the conversational chat podcast with Sorabh Pant, he spilled all details about why this dialogue got banned. Explaining the same he said, “Yeh jo ‘paagal aurat’ wala tha, woh maine improvise kiya. On set koi aise situation aayi thi, the way Daya reacted, toh scene karte karte mere mooh se nikal gaya, ‘Aye, paagal aurat!’ Matlab, ‘Kya, kuch bhi bol rahi hai!’ But baad mein, uspe kuch women’s lib ya koi movement tha, mujhe bataya gaya, ‘Aage se, aap yeh nahi bolenge’ (I instantly improvised the ‘paagal aurat’ line on the set in just a few minutes. Something had happened on the set, and the way Daya gave a reaction for the same, these lines ended up slipping out of my mouth. That line happened naturally and organically. She was saying something silly and senseless. Later on I got to know about how there was some women’s liberation movement or something, and I was told by the makers to never say the dialogue again)”.

Further Dilip also explained about how that line was never meant to hurt anyone’s sentiments and emotions since it was all meant in good humour and explaining the same he told, “Haalanki woh kisiko neecha dikhane jaisa nahi tha (It was never meant to be humiliating). It was said in a lighter vein. But I think some people took it in a wrong way and didn’t like it”.

When asked about the stress of creating good comedy content on the makers, he said, “Every day the writers have to find new subjects. After all, they are also human beings. I agree that all the episodes cannot be of that level when you are doing a daily show for such a long time. I do feel that certain episodes are not up to the mark as far as the humour is concerned”.

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