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Devoleena Not First Choice As Vikas’s Proxy Before Rashami In BB14

The latest update now in lieu of the controversial TV reality show Bigg Boss 14 is that Devoleena not first choice as Vikas's proxy before Rashami in Bigg Boss 14 but since Rashami had her prior work commitments, now Devoleena is set to enter the show as Vikas's proxy since he is ill and under medical observation at the moment due to which he is out of the house.

Sometime back, we got to know how Devoleena is geared up to enter as proxy for Vikas in Bigg Boss 14 on Colors TV this season, but now this is an interesting tit bit that Devoleena not first choice as Vikas’s proxy before Rashami in BB14.

Its very common of actors to enter as proxies for their friends if the friend is ill or suffering from an injury. Where we had seen in previous season of the controversial TV reality show that after Devoleena suffered a back injury, Vikas had entered the show as her proxy and in this season now, surprisingly enough, Devoleena not first choice as Vikas’s proxy before Rashami in BB14.

This news surely must have left fans of the mastermind Vikas Gupta baffled and dazed in shock about how even though Rashami is Vikas’s closest friend, but Devoleena not first choice as Vikas’s proxy before Rashami in BB14.

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Even though now, the Bigg Boss 13 and Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 (Star Plus, 2020) fame ace TV actress Devoleena Bhattacharjee is all set to enter as proxy for Vikas in the show, but earlier originally Rashami had been offered to enter in the show as his proxy but she couldn’t due to her prior work commitments as Vikas is out of the house owing to his ill health and currently under medical observation too.

Whilst Vikas is under medical observation as of now at the moment, the show makers have got Devoleena on board to enter the house as Vikas’s proxy. The actress is currently under isolation and COVID 19 quarantine in a Mumbai hotel before making her entry in the house.

A source close to the show in a recent interview byte with a leading digital entertainment portal was quoted telling, “Rashami Desai was asked to enter the house as Vikas Gupta’s proxy. But the actress couldn’t make it for the show due to her prior commitments and hence the next they requested to enter was Devoleena Bhattacharjee who excitedly said yes for it. Devoleena who is also a friend of Vikas was excited enough to help him as in the last season Vikas paid his proxy when she had to come out for her back injury”.

In recent episodes we saw a lot of emotionally heart breaking moments and fireworks with Jasmin’s unexpected eviction, Aly’s emotional outburst, Salman’s tears while announcing Jasmin’s name, Rashami’s showdown with both Aly and Jasmin for constantly bullying and sidelining him where she schooled both of them for doing so. Rashami came in the show as Vikas’s family where being his closest friend she motivated him to play his game and stay strong.

Devoleena has been cheering and hooting for Vikas constantly through her social media posts wherein now this is going to be interesting enough to see how Devoleena’s entry as Vikas’s proxy adds the tadka and masala in the show till Vikas gets well enough to make his comeback on the show.

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