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Devoleena: I Am Excited To See Tejasswi And Umar In Bigg Boss 15

In a recent exclusive interview with us, the stunning and versatile television actress Devoleena Bhattacharjee says I am excited to see Tejasswi and Asim's brother Umar in Bigg Boss 15.

She is one of the most loved and popular female television stars on the tube right now and in her latest candid conversation with us, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 (2020) fame Devoleena says I am excited to see Tejasswi and Umar in Bigg Boss 15.

The Bigg Boss 13 fame gorgeous television diva recently was seen hosting the Bigg Boss 15 launch event for two days at the Pench Jungle camp in Madhya Pradesh along with Arti Singh. Talking about the hype and excitement right now for Bigg Boss 15 within not only fans but also the celebrities as well, Devoleena says I am excited to see Tejasswi and Umar in Bigg Boss 15.

The excitement right now is really high since the global superstar Salman Khan is returning to the television screens with indian television’s most popular and controversial TV reality show which is really loved by fans and is also audiences favorite, Bigg Boss’s Bigg Boss 15 by 2nd October on Colors TV, and an exclusive update here is that in her latest exclusive interview with us, Devoleena says I am excited to see Tejasswi and Umar in Bigg Boss 15.

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When asked about her take on the contestants this time in Bigg Boss 15, on this Devoleena Bhattacharjee says, “This time, I’m excited to see my friend Tejasswi, I even know Asim so his brother Umar will also be the one I would love to watch. Then as a viewer we will get to see our favourites during the episodes. so yaa I’m excited”.

Talking about who does she think should have qualities of reaching the finale, Devoleena shares, “I feel a person need to be most active, genuine and yes he should always take a stand for the right. And most importantly respect Bigg Boss, and the host Salman Khan as well. Even if they scold them”.

Speaking about the strong players this time in the Bigg Boss house, Devoleena said, “It wont be fine to judge anyone without watching. We didn’t know yet the confirmed list. So lets wait a little more”.

Sharing about her thrill and excitement for the highly awaited Jungle Mein Dangal Bigg Boss 15 theme this time, Devoleena stated, “Yes and I wish if could enter again. As i was born and got up back in Assam. so there used to be jungle like areas and all tea garden around. So I’m used to.. And I always enjoy thrills.. I’m just in love with the theme and promo…”.

Fianlly sharing her thoughts on what could be the pattern this time in Bigg Boss 15 as previous seasons especially BB 11, BB 12, and BB 14 had females as winners, Devoleena added, “Honestly, we all are in 2021 now. So I think that girl or a boy hardly matters. I feel the one who will be strong, energetic and very much authentic should win..”.

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