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Devoleena Calls Bigg Boss 14 Contestant Nikki Tamboli Copy Cat

Iconic TV actor Devoleena calls Bigg Boss Season 14 contestant Nikki Tamboli a copy cat.

She is an exemplary TV actor who is best known for her stellar portrayal of iconic “Gopi Bahu” by the audiences and fans across the globe and is also very frank and outspoken which can be seen from her honest opinion as well where Devoleena calls Bigg Boss 14 contestant Nikki Tamboli copy cat.

Bigg Boss season 14 has been successful in grabbing the attention and eyeballs of everyone which includes even the previous season’s contestants, which can be seen from the fact that Devoleena calls Bigg Boss 14 contestant Nikki Tamboli copy cat.

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Its a very exciting time now as the much awaited Bigg Boss 14 has started airing on Colors TV but in a late night slot and not the prime time one because as everyone knows the show is said to be very controversial in nature which has always been the format of the show since day one along with the fact that we get to see the real life behaviour and actual nature of the TV actors who are there in the house as contestants and housemates with each other.

To make this upcoming season of Bigg Boss 14 on Colors TV more exciting and hot, the makers are leaving no stones unturned to up the entertainment quotient this time as well.

Bigg Boss 14 has been in the limelight since its inception and after its airing on Colors TV, we can say one thing for sure its a hell lot of entertainment, masala, controversies, new friendships, new enmities being formed, old friendships being rekindled, new love triangles and angles being created since the first day itself in the show.

In case of the TV actors coming in the house as contestants. It has been grabbing the attention and eyeballs for all the spicy and right reasons this time around.

Bigg Boss season 14 which began just 5 days back on the 3rd October has become successful to gather a huge fan following of its own from the inception of this new season itself.

This time the unique and interesting things in the house is that it has a mall, a spa and a theatre. This time around we also have three Toofani Seniors from the previous seasons of Bigg Boss who are seen ruling the house.

Gauahar Khan is the head of the kitchen while Siddharth Shukla is seen ruling the bedroom. Hina Khan is the head of all the new luxuries, BB Mall and the BB spa.

The contestants will have to impress and perform tasks given by their seniors to get a bed for them to sleep, to get food for them to eat, and also to enjoy the luxuries as well.

Also the fights in the house started on the first day itself with a huge fight that took place between Nikki Tamboli and Shehzad Deol. Where we also saw how hard they did try to resolve their fight but it ultimately ended up blowing up out of proportion.

We also did see Nikki and Sara fighting over the 7 items to be taken from the BB Mall. Nikki Tamboli was also seen engaged in fighting with Jasmin Bhasin over washing utensils where Nikki said that she will not wash the used utensils citing her nails will get dirty.

Yesterday as well the audiences and viewers did see her having a fight with the whole house as she was very determined and clear about having her things from the BB mall.

Now everyone is also seeing her constantly fighting for her own rights where does not think about others and cares only about herself and this stubborn behavior of hers has become the talking and gossip point as the other TV celebrities outside the house have been talking about Nikki Tamboli.

Apparently, Devoleena Bhattacharjee has tweeted about Nikki Tamboli and called her a copy cat. Her tweet caption read, “Indeed #NikiTamboli is a copy cat and reminds me of the most irritating contestant of #BB13. UfffWoman bowing deeplyWoman facepalming #BB14”.

Source: Devoleena Bhattacharjee Twitter. She tweeted about Nikki Tamboli being a copy cat.

Also, her tweet is filled with responses of the youth, fans, twitteratis and the netizens who have indeed supported her stance on Nikki Tamboli and now it looks like this season too will be a huge hit.

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