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Delnaaz To Play Ashnoor’s Mom In New Series, Calls Her Mini-Delnaaz

Ace and versatile TV / Film actress Delnaaz Irani to play Ashnoor Kaur's mom in the new webseries titled Pari Hu Mein on a newly launched OTT streaming platform Wow, calls Ashnoor mini-Delnaaz in her recent interview.

Ace and iconic TV actress Delnaaz to play Ashnoor’s mom in new series, calls her mini-Delnaaz.

Speaking more on her bonding with Ashnoor, in latest interview, we get to know the bonafide TV actress Delnaaz to play Ashnoor’s mom in new series, calls her mini-Delnaaz.

Throwing more light on her character and much more in a recent interview, TV actress Delnaaz to play Ashnoor’s mom in new series, calls her mini-Delnaaz.

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Delnaaz Irani has done web series called Pari Hu Mein on a new platform called Wow. The actress will play the role of Patiala Babes fame Ashnoor Kaur’s mother in the show.

Sharing details about the show, she said, “It is a web series of about 5-6 episodes. It is the story of a small town girl who wants to come to Mumbai to pursue her dreams. Jiten Lalwani and I are playing parents to Ashnoor Kaur”.

She furthermore also added, “I play a young mother, who has a lot many shades and she is a typical Indian mom that you see in television serials or films. She is extremely emotional and over dramatic, but is an interesting character”.

The actress confessed that she is happy to be working with Ashnoor in the show and even called her mini-Delnaaz. She shared, “Firstly, I am amazed at the resemblance to what I and Ashnoor have because I felt like I am working with mini-Delnaaz. I thought like I am working with a replica of myself, she is like 16-year-old Delnaaz and she is such a wonderful kid and a person”.

On this point, she also went on to add, “The pairing of me and Ashnoor is so wonderful that she looks like my daughter. The chemistry in one day was so wonderful that I think the future episodes I am sure we are gonna be hit as a mother-daughter pair. The cutest bit was Ashnoor’s real mother saying I look like her mother. Her mother was so happy seeing her reel mother and we connected so well and it was so cute”.

Recently Delnaaz essayed a negative role in Choti Sarrdaarni and a cop in Hijack. She revealed that she is happy that she is getting non-comic roles to play on-screen.

“I am happy that people are offering me different kind of roles and people are looking at me in that zone of me playing mature characters which I want to. I am happy that slowly and steadily I am getting to play something that I want. I have done a lot of comic roles and comedy, not that I don’t want to do comedy, but I want to explore the different genres and I have always said acting is my passion, the medium doesn’t matter, be it television, OTT platform, or films. I want to play something different, be it negative, dramatic, emotional, or whatever. I am enjoying this bit of being able to do something different,” she concluded.

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