Thursday, September 24, 2020

    Debina Bonnerjee Reveals She Once Cried Uncontrollably On The Sets Of Ramayan


    Gurmeet Chaudhary and Debina Bonnerjee starrer Ramayan that is currently re telecasting on Dangal TV, has been entertaining audience amidst the coronavirus lockdown. The two played the role of Ram and Sita and later got married, Debina recently said that due to one particular scene she cried a lot for hours and the reason is her then boyfriend Gurmeet, who later calmed her down. Talking about the show, Debina recalled how she cried uncontrollably on the sets, she said, “The most emotional scene was when Sita was walking out of the house for the second time as Ram finds out that his praja is unhappy with her. That particular scene made me very emotional because I knew I won’t get to shoot with Gurmeet anymore. We were in love already at that time and inspite of being in Vadodra and shooting for the same show, I was very emotional. So, for that scene Sita was supposed to be teary-eyed because she was stepping out for her self-respect but I couldn’t control my tears and I was crying so much that all were shocked. Even after the scene wrapped up, my tears didn’t stop. Gurmeet actually took me in the corner and said, ‘please control, this is not all real.'” Post Ramayan Debina and Gurmeet tied the nuptial knot and since then the two are inseparable. They have even featured in numerous TV shows and films individually.

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