Dalljiet Kaur’s Husband Nikhil Patel Wanted To Have An “Open Marriage”?

A new post at Reddit revealed that TV actress Dalljiet Kaur's husband, Nikhil Patel wanted to have an "open marriage" with her.

TV actress Dalljiet Kaur is once again making headlines. Last year, she gained attention in the media for tying the knot with Nikhil Patel. It was her second marriage, having been previously married to Shalin Bhanot. After marrying Nikhil Patel, she relocated to Kenya with him. However, just 10 months into their marriage, rumors of their separation have surfaced. According to reports, Dalljiet Kaur has returned to India. Now, a Reddit post has gone viral, indicating that Nikhil Patel was interested in an open marriage.

The post alleges that someone who is an acquaintance of Nikhil Patel claimed he desired an open marriage with Dalljiet Kaur. It stated Nikhil’s extensive social circle and party-loving nature, labeling him as flirtatious and non-committal. According to the author, Nikhil disclosed his inclination towards an open marriage only after Dalljiet moved in with him.

The post also described a significant altercation between the couple, leading to Dalljiet’s return to India. Despite Nikhil persuading her to come back, he reportedly couldn’t change his ways. The report suggests Nikhil is currently involved with another woman.

According to reports, Dalljiet Kaur appeared to confirm her split from Nikhil Patel. In a post that has since been deleted, she mentioned his refusal to acknowledge their marriage. Quoted in the alleged post: “But my husband is saying it’s not my house. He is saying we never got married. Is he not my husband? What do you think? Is Nikhil not my husband? Did we not get married?” She noted that her belongings are still at his residence.

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