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Home Entertainment Television College Graduates Get The Biggest Pitch From Sharks: Shark Tank India

College Graduates Get The Biggest Pitch From Sharks: Shark Tank India

Vellore graduates get their best pitch for their company.

College Graduates Get The Biggest Pitch From Sharks: Shark Tank India
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It feels like all the entrepreneurs are making their best moves to impress the pitchers and win a good deal out of them. This week people with a vision to deconstruct the traditional way of making business to a quick yet expandable idea that is sustainable and out of the box. One such visionary group is Inside FPV.

Inside FPV

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Graduates from Vellore Institute of Technology came to shark tank India with a vision to be the first Indian company to manufacture drones. They pitched for 75 lakhs in equity of 4%. They pitched that drones can be used to go anywhere without moving an inch and connect with things outside the house. Aman, Namrita, Amit, and Peyush together gave them an offer of 75 lakhs with 15% equity, and the deal is sealed. they were able to attract the audience without spending money on advertisements through content writers; an impressive move for a young startup.

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Another women entrepreneur came to shark tank India with their apparel collection for women. They pitched their business idea stating that with all the taxes being implemented on sales, fat tax is also something that not only embarrasses the plus-size people but also clothing brands for extra value. So they introduce this brand that doesn’t discriminate with sizes and easily gives them the design and desire to wear whatever they want without saying- Hope that was in my size too.

They asked for 40 lakhs in exchange for 4% equity. Initially the sharks were impressed by their website design and 1crore earnings every year but still some sharks pitched out. Amit Jain gave them the same offer with a 20% share in the company. At first, they were skeptical but later agreed with the offer.

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A couple from Gurugram came to Shark Thank India with their brand Diabexy. they pitched that diabetes is a major issue in India and because of this these people have to avoid sugar and will have to eat and drink very limited. So they have brought up biscuits, sweets, and wheat flour that will help them have a better diet without worrying about sugar. Sharks were impressed with the food but the valuation they offered could not be accepted as the shark asked for 20%. Anupam advised them to have a business for themselves as there will be a conflict of interest by asking an investor for advice. the founder shared his book with all the sharks.