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Chitra Vakil Sharma: I Am Proud To Be Associated With L.A.C.

In her latest and recent interview conversation off late, ace and bonafide producer Chitra Vakil Sharma says I am proud to be associated with L.A.C. and much more.

Ace producer Chitra Vakil Sharma says I am proud to be associated with L.A.C.

In her recent interview off late, speaking about her upcoming web film and much more, Chitra Vakil Sharma says I am proud to be associated with L.A.C.

In her latest interview conversation, Chitra Vakil Sharma says I am proud to be associated with L.A.C.

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Producer Chitra Vakil Sharma has her plate full of meaningful projects which she is very proud of. Talking about all that she is involved with currently, Chitra says, “I started with a web series in 2019 as associate producer. It was called Bhram and starred Kalki. Then I did Raktanchal. I am currently producing Tandoor and a couple of more web series, which will come this year. Besides these, Raktanchal 2 is also going on the floor soon. During the lockdown, we did a corona anthem song with Kunal Ganjawala starring Manish Raisinghan. I am also producing a film titled LAC, which will release soon. Another film of mine Sarvagun Asampan is already in pre-production”.

Speaking about her entry into the field of showbiz, Chitra’s foray was not regular, Explaining about it, she said, “I come from a very humble and progressive family where I was supported for dreaming big and realising my dreams. I started my career in the corporate world and right after my marriage, I started working with a consultant legal law firm. This opened up avenues to meet people in the industry. My aspirations and zeal to organise things resonated with the role of producer and here I am”.

Her film LAC has been directed by Nitin Kumar Gupta, who she shares a great equation with. Spilling the beans on her bonding with Nitin, she says, “Nitin and I go back a decade. He was my client at the law firm. We met on my set of Tandoor recently and from there our production association started”.

Talking about Nitin, Chitra asserted, “Nitin is an amazing human being to work with. He is totally focused and to the point. Nitin and my association is going to go long way. He is a superb writer-director and producer partner. He knows what he wants”.

Talking about producing LAC, Chitra says, “This project was and is not only about producing India’s 1st one-shot film, this is like playing a part in spreading an integral message to our society with a different lens. It’s been an experience full of mixed emotions and excitement which not only makes you strong but equally vulnerable to understand what lies beneath and what is the cost of the super freedom that you and I enjoy today. While the world was fighting Covid-19, our Indian army was fighting for our country. I am proud to be associated with this film and I owe it to Nitin for having faith in me”.

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