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Chitra Vakil Sharma: All Our Actors In Tandoor Have Been Carefully Picked!

Chitra Vakil Sharma believes in giving opportunities to actors having the right potential and OTT has given opportunities to many aspiring actors and we have seen a lot of comebacks.

For her, it’s more about capability than popularity. In her co-production, the much-talked-about web series Tandoor, the producer has roped in a number of actors, who aren’t professional or popular, and the names include Jeevan Shetty, Krishnendu Lahiri, Yuvraj Haral, Vijay Kadechkar, and Hirdeyjeet jarnail singh. She is satisfied with the way all these actors have performed. Actors Rashami Desai, Tanuj Virwani, and Amitriyaan Ami play the leading roles in Tandoor that is being directed by Nivedita Basu.

“Apart from our three main leads, all our supporting characters have been carefully picked after several rounds of brainstorming. We didn’t want to go wrong anywhere. To start with Yuvraj Haral,  he had done a film titled Paranthe Wali Gali along with Anuj Saxena. Tandoor was a perfect comeback for Yuvraj with the right team. He plays Shenoy in the show.  I’ve known him for years. Apart from being a good theatre actor, Yuvraj also has also been a professional Tennis player who won gold for India at Asian University games, Perth, Australia. Dec’ 2005. Being a sportsman, he had the right physique that we needed for a police officer. A unique quality of Yuvraj is his happy-go-lucky nature. He is also very hardworking,” says Chitra.

Another interesting character in the series is Inspector Vijay Singh. “His Haryanvi descent and therefore his strong accent required someone with the built, attitude and would look convincing. That’s when Jeevan Shetty, who is a dentist by profession, and had done theatre back in college and still do community theatre, came on board. We liked his audition. Both Nivedita and I thought that his physique and accent were bang on. He was very punctual and worked hard on Vijay’s accent and mannerisms. We are glad we cast him in Tandoor,” she adds.

Tandoor also marks the comeback of actor Vijay Kadechkarr, who is an award-winning international actor. He has earned accolades for his short films. “He first made his debut in Ram Gopal Verma’s Shabri in 2011.  This is Vijay’s web debut. He is doing the cameo role of constable Charan Singh,” she shares.

Talking about Hirdayjeet, who plays the MLA role who was last seen in Suryaputra Karan is an outstanding one-take actor. After working with Hirdayjeet in tandoor Chitra says I shall offer him a role in all my projects I am so looking forward to work with him again.

One of Chitra’s personal favourite characters in the series is Lawyer RJM Pillai. “This role required someone with an authoritative outlook and a heavy voice as he had to interact with the main lead Tanuj, who is playing the role of Sahil in the series. We were looking out for a suitable person to fit the role and had done a few auditions when Krishnendu, a dear friend of mine, expressed his desire to try his luck in OTT. I was more than happy to take him in. He also surprised us with his auditions. This show marks his web debut. Being a person from a corporate background playing the role of a lawyer on screen came easily to him. He pulled off the character well,” she ends.

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