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Charu On Pregnancy Says My Due Date Around Sushmita Di’s Birthday

In her latest interview conversation with a leading digital entertainment portal off late, TV actress Charu Asopa says my pregnancy due date around Sushmita Di's birthday.

The stunning and renowned TV actor who has also worked in Bollywood film Call For Fun (2017) and is best known for her acting in Star Plus’s hit serial Mere Angne Mein (2015 – 2017), Charu on pregnancy says my due date around Sushmita Di’s birthday.

The renowned Indian television actress Charu Asopa married 2 years back in June 2019 to Bollywood diva Sushmita Sen’s younger brother Rajeev Sen and in her recent interview, Charu on pregnancy says my due date around Sushmita Di’s birthday.

Opening up on her pregnancy and parenthood journey with hubby Rajeev and much more, Charu on pregnancy says my due date around Sushmita Di’s birthday.

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Finally both Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen announced that they both are expecting a baby and also embracing parenthood are on the family way by sharing the good news officially on her social media handle on Instagram wherein we see she has shared set of stunning pictures in which she is seen cradling her baby bump and finally has made it insta official with all her fans and followers a few days back.

Opening up on how she successfully managed to keep this news under tight wraps for quite sometime in her recent interview with leading digital entertainment portal, Charu said, “In my initial weeks I was feeling very sick. My blood pressure had gone really low. Due to which I used to have no energy in my body. I used to puke and faint also. So before I tell it to everyone I myself wanted to get sure with the fact that the baby is safe and healthy. Thankfully the baby was always ok. It was me who was not really well. So, I decided to share the news once everything got alright. And post my first trimester sonography when I found everything ok I announced the world”.

Sharing about how she felt nervous during first trimester sonography and Rajeev’s reaction on learning he is about to become a father, Charu said, “My first sonography was done in the sixth week when for the first time I heard the baby’s heartbeat. I was really thrilled. The feeling of having another human being inside itself is a blessing. And it was an amazing feeling. I can’t express those feelings as I got goosebumps and had tears in my eyes”.

Sharing about husband Rajeev’s reaction, Charu said, “Rajeev was very confused after hearing this as he was not expecting that I would suddenly come and share the good news with him. So when I told him he was shockingly surprised. But he was really very happy after that. I shared this news with him at midnight around 12:30”.

Speaking about why she flew down to her hometown in Bikaner in midst of the pandemic now, Charu said, “Right now I am in Bikaner, Rajasthan which is my hometown. Here we have a big garden where I can actually breathe fresh air. I feel nauseated with the food smell and thankfully here I have a place to escape as in Mumbai houses are not that big and then this lockdown also doesn’t allow you to go out. Although here also I am not stepping out of my own house but I definitely have space to take a walk and feel open. I am eating healthy food of course. Having fresh cow milk daily. I feel it was the best decision to come here in this lockdown”.

Finally when questioned about her sister in law Sushmita Sen taking care of her now, Charu responds, “She is continuously in touch with me and keeps asking about my and baby’s health. She is so excitedly waiting for the baby. She only recommended a doctor when I was in Mumbai. Now that I am Bikaner, I keep consulting that doctor as well while I am showing myself to doctors here. My due date is around  Sushmita Didi’s birthday so that thing is making me even more excited as whatever we get blessed with a girl or a boy is going to be amazing just like her. As Didi is someone who is unbiased, follows her principles and I really respect her for that. I want my baby to be like her”.

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