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Charu Asopa Reveals Rajeev Sen “Cheated” On Her During Pregnancy

Charu Asopa alleges that Rajeev Sen cheated on her during her pregnancy, she further addressed her decision of reuniting with Rajeev.

Charu Asopa recently announced her divorce decision from her husband Rajeev Sen. The two have earlier grabbed a lot of attention due to their ongoing marital issues, later the duo decided to give each other a chance again after they announced their reunion on social media. However, in a recent interview, Charu Asopa revealed that she has now finally decided to call off her marriage with Rajeev Sen. Days after her divorce announcement Charu has now revealed that she got cheated on by Rajeev during her pregnancy. Here’s all that she said-

Charu Asopa Says Rajeev Sen Cheated On Her During Pregnancy

In an interview with Pinkvilla, Charu said that she found out that Rajeev was cheating on her during her pregnancy. The actor said, “After a few months of staying in Bikaner, I returned to Mumbai and spent most of my pregnancy period here. He would leave early morning at 11 am for his gym in Bandra from Goregoan east and would return home at night around 11 PM, sometimes 7, 8, or 9 PM. When I questioned him why he takes so many hours, he often said, ‘When I see traffic on the map, I sip coffee in Bandra cafes and wait for the traffic to slow down, and then I leave for home.’ I trusted this as well. At times, he said he slept in the car and many other excuses. Once he just went to Delhi without saying and I was moving things here and there, and that’s when I found something in his bag, through which I found out that he is cheating on me.”

Rajeev Sen Raised Hand On Charu Asopa?

Charu also alleged that Rajeev has often raised a hand on her, she said, “I shared this news with everyone, and the entire family knew about it. Whenever this would happen, I would think that I won’t live here and just leave. But then somewhere I have loved him so much that I would buy all his excuses and fall for them. And then I always thought of giving him chances and starting afresh. The 3.5 years of marriage just went in awaiting our fresh start,” 

Charu Asopa Regrets Her Decision Of Reunion

Addressing her decision to reunite with Rajeev and calling off divorce she said, “He initiated a conversation and the things that were buried deep down in our hearts, came up. Rajeev promised me that these things won’t repeat again and I thought to myself, ‘When we’ve given so many chances to our wedding, why not give another shot for Ziana’s sake?’ Then we messaged our respective lawyers that we are not getting divorced.”

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