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Charu Asopa Finally Calls It Quits With Rajeev Sen, Actress To Initiate Divorce Proceedings

Months after the reunion Charu Asopa has now announced that she will finally divorce Rajeev Sen, the actress stated that she regrets giving her marriage a second chance.

Charu Asopa recently announced her reconciliation with her husband Rajeev Sen. The two have earlier grabbed a lot of attention due to their ongoing marital issues, however, the two decided to give each other a chance again after they announced their reunion on social media. However, in a recent interview, Charu Asopa revealed that she has now finally decided to call off her marriage with Rajeev Sen. Here’s all that she said-

Charu Asopa To Divorce Rajeev Sen

In a recent interview with E Times, Charu said that she is done with her relationship with Rajeev, the actress revealed that she has been having fights with Rajeev ever since the two got married, she further stated that she regrets giving her marriage a second chance, she said, “Rajeev is temperamental, has abused and even raised his hand on me once or twice. He would suspect me of cheating on him. When I was shooting for Akbar Ka Bal Birbal, he sent messages to my co-actors to stay away from me. It became difficult for me to work. I feel that he was cheating on me, but that’s something I can’t prove,” 

Regretting her decision of reconciliation Charu Asopa said, “It was the biggest mistake (to give the marriage another shot). Aur dirty hota jaayega agar yeh shaadi aur drag hui toh.(It will get even more dirty if we drag this marriage even more). It will get unbearably toxic for Ziana. When I disclosed his ways to my family, they told me that I was taking the right step by parting ways. I have already got a house for rent. I will go straight there when I return to Mumbai. I will initiate divorce proceedings and hope he agrees to it without causing more trouble. Like previously, I haven’t asked for alimony. I don’t want to drag this marriage anymore. I have already wasted three-and-a-half years,”

Rajeev Addresses Divorce Reports

Addressing Charu’s claims Rajeev said, “This allegation is utter rubbish as she each time knew where I was, including the last time when I was in Delhi for a dental appointment. In fact, on many occasions, she has left Mumbai without even telling me. I would come to know her whereabouts only through her online videos.”

He added, “Who said I have refused to provide for Ziana? In my multiple legal notices sent to Charu through my lawyers, I had never mentioned that I won’t take care of my daughter financially. In fact, I mentioned that even though my wife doesn’t want any alimony, I still wish to take care of my daughter financially and her education in every way possible.”

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