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Chandni Soni: Hardwork Is The Only Investment That Never Fails

In her recent interview, the ace and famous producer Chandni Soni opening up on importance of hardwork, says hardwork is the only investment that never fails.

In her recent interview, the well renowned producer who has produced successful series like Raktanchal and also Tandoor, Chandni Soni says hardwork is the only investment that never fails.

Opening up more on this in her latest interview, Chandni Soni says hardwork is the only investment that never fails.

Revealing about how one’s career can never go ahead as planned and much more, Chandni Soni says hardwork is the only investment that never fails.

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Chandni Soni, who has co-produced web series like Raktanchal and Tandoor, feels that one’s career never takes the shape as planned. She said, “I’ve learned that hard work is the only investment that never fails”.

She also added, “It’s like you enter the ocean and make your own way. I had not planned that I’d become a producer initially but I got into it and I have produced Raktanchal and forthcoming Tandoor”.

She, however, asserted that luck also plays an important role if one wants to be successful and saying more about it, Chandni said, “Luck is important. I feel sometimes without luck nothing moves. A combination of work and luck only makes a difference. Hard work can become luck if you work hard”.

The producer also shared the ongoing pandemic has affected our personal and professional lives. Talking about the entertainment industry, she said, “Entertainment industry has been affected. A lot of people have lost their jobs. Pandemic has changed the way we think and live. We have realized what is important and urgent. Everyone knows now that prioritising is very important in career and life”.

When asked about what are her career goals now and on this she said, “I want to successfully produce lots of films and web series. Also, I want to balance my life in Delhi and Mumbai as I keep shuttling between the two cities,” Chandni concluded.

On the work front, Chandni Soni’s much awaited digital webseries Tandoor produced in collaboration with Chitra Vakil Sharma starring Tanuj Virwani and Rashami Desai which is going to be released on the Ullu App and has been directed by Nivedita Basu, has been the talk of the town for quite some time now. The excitement went up when the series was supposed to release around February or March this year but to everyone’s dismay as of now it has gotten delayed yet again.

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