Celebs we wish to see on Son of Abish season 6

The sixth season of Son of Abish has begun and these are the celebs we expect to see in this season on the show.

Abish Matthew has once again come to visit us with the sixth season of his talk show series Son of Abish. The audience has been loving this show and following it throughout all the seasons. The first episode of the sixth season aired on October 11, 2019. The guests in the first episode were Nikunj Lotia aka Nick from the YouTube channel Be YouNick and Siddhant Chaturvedi aka MC Sher from Gully Boy. The best part about this show is that the guests can spill their hearts out in the way they want without any restrictions. 

Going forward in the season we really expect some more celebs on Son of Abish.

Kangana Ranaut

The first celeb we want to see on this show is Kangana Ranaut. The actress is popular for her fearless behavior. This is the perfect character required on the show as the show has no boundaries on the type of language being used. No restriction on abusive words either. This type of show can unleash the tigress hidden in Kangana. We really wish to see her on the show.

Vicky Kaushal

Because of the rising fame of Vicky Kaushal, all his followers would love to know some lesser-known interesting facts about this young handsome hunk. We wish to see Vicky on Son of Abish.

Dalljiet Kaur

After being the first elimination from the Bigg Boss house in the ongoing season, we expect Dalljiet to have a lot to share with the audience. Son of Abish is the perfect show to express herself. Hence we want to see Dalljiet on the show.

These are the few celebs we would love to see on the talk show by Abish Matthew.