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Celebs Miss Mask-Free Vacation Days, Relive Happy Memories

In a recent interview, many of our Indian TV celebrities fondly speak up about mask free vacation days and also relive their happiest memories.

We all know how much the deadly disease named COVID-19 also known as coronavirus has plagued entire world from last year 2020 and is going on even now without a break which has altered our country as well where people can’t take normal vacations as well and so in a recent interview, celebs miss mask-free vacations, relive happy memories.

Sharing about their fondest vacation memories and much more in this new interview, celebs miss mask-free vacations, relive happy memories.

In a latest candid chat, celebs miss mask-free vacations, relive happy memories.

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Delnaaz Irani says, “Travelling is something that we all definitely miss a lot. Just before the lockdown started I was travelling with my plays all over India and abroad as well for almost one and half years. The last trip that I took was with Percy and it was very special. This was just before the lockdown and later we were thanking God that we made this 9-day-long amazing trip without delaying it any further. We don’t get so many holidays together when you’re working, so for us that holiday was much required. We went to Dubai and enjoyed doing everything, right from eating at different places to shopping to sightseeing. It was such a wonderful and happy trip. I have such lovely memories of that vacation”.

Amit Mishra says, “I remember visiting Bali, Indonesia with my brothers who are no less than my friends. It was a memorable trip amidst the mighty sea and hot and cold breeze. We loved the environment, the beaches, sand and sea made us dream. It was colourful all round and so much peace. Every time I think of that trip I feel like going back to Bali again. Even talking about it now is making me smile”.

Sharad Malhotra says, “I am missing travelling big time. Travelling gives an outlet and change of environment and fresh oxygen is a necessity. I want to go to Switzerland and enjoy the snow. We have been home only throughout the pendamic. I want to travel and meet people of different cities. I can’t even recall where I went for my last vacation”.

Aly Goni says, “I am missing travelling to a foreign destination. USA is on my wish list. I would like to go to Miami and  L.A. also   Travelling elevates the spirit and rejuvenates too. One life we have and travelling should be part of everyone’s life. I have only travelled to Jammu my hometown and to Chandigarh for my music video shoot”.

Somy Ali says, “My NGO No More Tears is my life.  I can’t remember the last time I had a vacation or took a trip just for fun. I am a workaholic and as someone who is with victims and cops 24/7, I don’t have time to take vacation. I feel like a mother to all the victims and being a mom is a full-time job. But I surely want to visit India as I have amazing memories of Mumbai”.

Sneh Binny says, “This is one of my favourite holiday pictures, clicked in York, UK. I love this small town that has these beautiful dreamy streets, typical British shops, and is enriched with old world architecture. The vibe of walking the street is wonderful. I want to go back to this place and spend some time with myself once all this is over”.

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