These Celebrities share their favorite childhood memories of Christmas, check out the deets

As Christmas is around the corner, popular actors and actresses from tinsel town shared their way of Christmas celebrations and also shared their nostalgic stories.

Christmas is the season of joy, peace, and happiness. It is the special season set aside to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Though this was its original purpose, the celebration of Christmas has grown to become a symbolic time for living in peace and love. As Christmas is around the corner, popular actors and actresses from tinsel town shared their way of Christmas celebrations and also shared their nostalgic stories, check out the full article to know more.

Shefali Sharma: Shares her Christmas plan, saying, “I usually plan a House party with my close friends, though a few years back I was in Amsterdam I would love to repeat that.”

Shefali talks about her fondest memory of Christmas, and tells, “I Used to keep red cloth under my pillow and used to be surprised that it will be filled with gifts but as I grew older I realized that the gifts were not coming and then I was told that it was my parents who use to keep those gifts and they did not give any particular gift but whatever toy or thing I wanted at that point they used to give.”

When asked about delicacies she likes to have on Christmas, the Sanjog actress says, “I have a sweet tooth and I love cupcakes and donuts being from a Punjbackground it’st’ss it’sistmas or no Christmas halwa is a must.”

Ask Shefali what one wish she would want to fulfill this Christmas and she says, “I Wish that I can serve max people e, and spread joy happiness, and most importantly good health to parents.”

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Ali Merchant: opens up about his plans for this Christmas, and says, “This Christmas Evening I have a concert in Daman, and on the occasion of Christmas I have a concert in Goa, so I would be doing what I love doing the most, spreading love and happiness through music. Apart from work I like to spread happiness by being the Santa to those in need by donating clothes, toys, meals, books, etc to an orphanage and donating to and volunteering at animal shelters.”

“Video games and a new bicycle from my parents were the best gifts ever,” Lockupp fame shares while going through the old memories.

The actor loves to eat, “Apple pie, Christmas pudding, truffles, etc” on the occasion of Christmas.

Ask Ali about the wish he wants to fulfill this Christmas, he tells, “More sparkle & less stress for people who are going through a tough stretch in their lives, and also I would want to be capable enough to help more underprivileged children, needy seniors and the stray cats and dogs struggling to find a single meal in days.”

Namish Taneja: Talks about his Christmas eve, saying, “I don’t have any specific plans for this Christmas as I might be caught up in shoots for my upcoming show, but I will try to take out a bit of the time to spend with my loved ones.”

The Swaragini fame Namish goes down memory lane and tells, “I love surprises, and in my childhood, I used to get chocolates under my pillow every Christmas morning. I always thought that it was Santa who kept them, but later I got to know that those were kept by none other than my parents.”

Ask Taneja about the delicacies he loves to have on Christmas eve, and he utters, “I love cookies and pastries a lot, but due to my strict diet plans, I have not consumed them for months. However, I am planning to have a cheat day this Christmas, and I will eat all my favorite delicacies.”

Talking about that one wish he wants to fulfill this Christmas, says, “I would ask God to keep my parents and my loved ones healthy and happy. Also, I will ask for new opportunities for me so that I can keep on entertaining my fans constantly.”

Anjali Arora: Tells about her this year’s Christmas plan, “I usually meet my friends, and we do a small get-together where we relish that moment and make good memories. And for this year’s Christmas, I am planning the same.”

When asked about her favorite childhood memory on Christmas, Arora says, “When I was a kid, I remember one of my uncles had given me a Santa-printed pendant for Christmas, which was so cute that I used to put it up even on my school uniform. That was my favorite, but unfortunately, it got lost somewhere.”

Talking about the delicacies Anjali likes to have on Christmas, tells, “Being from a Punjabi background, I am the greatest fan of deserts, without which our meals are incomplete, and I will surely eat some cookies and cakes on Christmas eve.”

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The Lock Upp fame opens up about her wish she wants to make this Christmas, saying, “I will make a wish for all those people who are close to my heart that they always stay happy and that God gives them whatever they pray for.”