Bigg Boss 17 Weekend Ka Vaar: Salman Khan Schools Munawar, Isha & Mannara

In the weekend ka vaar episode, show host Salman Khan will be seen schooling and advising Ankita, Munawar, Munnara, and Isha about their game.

Television reality show Bigg Boss 17 is currently in its 5th week. And in the upcoming episode show host Salman Khan will be seen calling all the contestants to the mediation room individually and will give them a piece of his mind. The actor will be seen addressing the issues with many contestants including Ankita Lokhande, Isha Malviya, Munawar Faruqui, and Munnara Chopra as he will guide them about their game.

Salman Khan Advises Ankita Lokhande

In the recently released promo, Salman Khan calls Ankita to the therapy room and tells her to stop focusing only on Vicky. Salman tells Ankita that her game is getting boring for the viewers since she keeps it all about Vicky. He tells Ankita that Vicky is playing his own game and now she should do the same.

Salman Khan Advises Isha Malviya

Salman Khan later calls Isha Malviya to the meditation room and tells her that her participation and contribution to the show are almost none. He tells Isha that she is always there whenever a fight or argument breaks out in the house, however, she is never a part of it.

Salman then confronts Isha saying that her personal matter regarding Abhishek and Samarth ahs been done and dusted since she has confirmed that Abhishek is her ex and Samarth is her current boyfriend. Salman further advises Isha to participate more since no one is considering her as a “competition” in the show.

Salman Khan Advises Munawar Faruqui & Munnara Chopra

Apart from Ankita and Isha, Salman later calls Munawar and Mannara into the room. Salman first confronts Munawar and asks him if he felt dejected for being transferred to the “dil” room from the house “dimag”. While Munawar disagrees Munnara on the other hand says that she agrees with Salman. Later Salman advises Munawar to take a stand and to cut off people who are using him in the show.

Later Salman asks Mannara about how many people in the show are taking advantage of Munawar. To this, Mannara says that Munawar himself wants to stay with those people and let them use him. She adds that Munawar needs clarity in his relations. However, Salman takes a dig at Munnara and asks if she herself is clear about her relationships in the house.

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