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Bigg Boss 16 Update: Nominations And Ticket To Finale Bring A New Twist In The Show

Who will win the ticket to finale?

Bigg Boss 16 Update: As the new week begins, nominations and ticket to the finale begin in Bigg Boss 16. As the nominations begin Tina is nominated again. Shalin and Tina are again seen fighting and Tina seems to be happy with what is Shalin facing as there are no friends in the house to support her.

Priyanka is also nominated by Sumbul. Sumbul says to her that she will avenge her tears that made her life miserable and Priyanka says to her that her filmy drama is not going to take her ahead.

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Ticket to FinaleBigg Boss 16

This week Bigg Boss has asked them to nominate Nimrit as reasons why she should not go to the finale and win the ticket to the finale. In the task, they have to take out rings and if 10 rings are taken, she will lose the finale ticket. Priyanka takes out the rings saying that she is not good. Shiv and Sumbul come in support of her.

In the previous week Nimrit wins the Ticket to the Finale task, Bigg boss gives everybody the power to tell whom they want to give it to and not Nimrit. Shiv takes Stan’s name and calls him the raw person in the house and also Priyanka’s name. Stan takes Shiv’s name. Sumbul takes her name and Shiv’s name.

Priyanka takes her name and justifies that she has always played alone and Nimrit contradicts her saying that she was being supported.

Apart from this, Nimrit has been a strong contender throughout the show. During the family week, Nimrit’s father entered the Bigg Boss house. He confronted her about Sajid and said that he betrayed Stan and now Shiv. She was seen not taking it well as her father told her what to do; seek help from outside mandali. Nimrit is seen later saying to her father you always badger me other parents are like I’m proud of you beta.

In every scene, the inmates are fighting and want to win ticket to the finale. Stay tuned to know more.

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