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Bigg Boss 16: Tina’s And Shalin’s Mother Confront Them By Playing Simple; Nimrit Upset By Her Father

Parents trying to put some sense in their kid's head in Bigg Boss 16.

Bigg Boss 16 as the weeks pass by the show is getting closer to its finale. In the meantime, the show has welcomed parents into the house. In earlier episodes, we saw Shiv’s mother, Sajid’s sister Farah, Stan’s mother and now Shalin’s mother as well as Tina’s mother are seen in the house.

Shalin’s mother enters the house and both mother and son are in tears. Shalin’s mother sees her after four months to be precise. They both share thoughts and talk about the game and Tina. She says to Shalin that this on-and-off thing between him and Tina is now getting on people’s nerves and says- Bahar Bahut Kharab Lag raha hai. She even says to Tina- Tumhari Aankhe Kafi kuch keh deti hai, make sure galat na bole(Your eyes say too much, make sure it’s not wrong).

In mid of the conversation, Tina says that she doesn’t want footage, Tina’s mom tells her- Tu meri beti hai mai teri maa, tu meri maa nahi (I’m your mother and you are my daughter, You are not my mother).

Nimrit’s father also enters the Bigg Boss house. He confronts her that why Sajid said that he betrayed Stan and now Shiv. This irritates her. He says she seeks help from outside mandali. Nimrit is seen later saying to her father you always badger me other parents are like I’m proud of you beta.

Let’s see how the contestants will take up the family’s advice and perform this coming week.

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