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Bigg Boss 16: Tina-Shalin Questions Soundarya-Gautam’s Relationship

Bigg boss 16 housemates puts a question mark on Soundarya and Gautam's love relationship, the couple comes out in defense, here's what happens next-

Bigg Boss 16: Bigg Boss 16 is currently in its 5th week. Throughout 15 years the reality show has witnessed many couples falling in love in the house, while one of the latest couples in the show remains Soundarya and Gautam who on many occasions have been questioned for the originality and sincerity of their relationship. In the upcoming episode, the two will be seen getting questioned by multiple contestants in the house for the originality of their relationship, here’s what will happen next-

Soundarya-Gautam’s Relationship Is Questioned

Earlier during a weekend ka vaar episode filmmaker Karan Johar was seen questioning Soundarya and Gautam about their relationship. And ever since then the housemates had put a question mark on the duo’s relationship. Every now and then many contestants including Tina and others were seen stating that they are faking their relationship.

While in the upcoming episode the housemates will now be seen confronting the couple about the “fakeness” in their relationship. In the recently shared promo, Ankit and Gori were seen being the judge of the jury while Nimrit was seen accusing Gautam and Soundarya of faking their love for the cameras.

Following the same Shalin who claims to be his friend of Gautam was also seen asking Gautam that if he really loves Soundarya or not. Later Archana also puts forth her opinion and claims that Gautam and Soundarya’s relationship is “fake”. Tina on the other hand also claims that the two are making up their love story for camera. Apart from Tina, and Archana, Sajid and Shiv also puts forth their opinion stating that their relationship is questionable.

Finally, Soundarya comes out to prove her relationship. Soundarya states that it’s their belief that both she and Gautam loves each other and that all of it doesn’t concern any other member of the house. Soundarya then addresses Tina’s claim and targets her saying that if she’s calling her relationship fake then what about her relationship with Shalin?

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