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Bigg Boss 16: Shalin Nominates Priyanka, Soundarya Nominates Nimrit

Soundarya nominates Nimrit, Shalin nominates Priyanka, here's all that you'll see in the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 16-

Bigg Boss 16 Promo: Both Sreejita and Manya were evicted during the first and second nominations in the Bigg Boss 16 house. While the nominations for the 5th week will be seen happening in the upcoming episode where Shalin will be seen targeting Priyanka and Soundarya will be seen nominating Nimrit. Here’s all that you’ll see in the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 16-

Nominations For The 5th Week In Bigg Boss 16

In a recently shared promo, a special task will be given to the housemates where everyone will be seen nominating others by stabbing a fake knife on their backs. The promo starts with Soundarya nominating Nimrit, then follows with MC Stan nominating Sumbul, and Shalin nominating Priyanka accusing her of always putting her nose in other’s business.

Later Priyanka also nominates Shalin stating that if he can’t stay real he shouldn’t stay in a reality show. Sumbul was also seen complaining that people ask her to speak up and when she does they have a problem with that as well. While Archana on the other hand stabs Ankit.

The upcoming episode will also witness fights and arguments between Priyanka and Shalin who will be seen locking horns. The chaos starts after Priyanka makes fun of Shalin over his demand for chicken. Priyanka mocks Shalin over his excuse for protein intake. Later the two indulge in a heated argument.

Contestants Who Were Evicted From Bigg Boss 16

Meanwhile, on the other hand, television actress Sreejita De was nominated during the second nomination in the Bigg Boss house. Later Manya Singh was also asked to leave the house after her eviction during the 3rd week. Meanwhile the recent episodes also witnessed huge fights and arguments. Now it will be fun to see who will nominate whom for the 5th week’s nominations.

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