Bigg Boss 16: Salman Schools Sumbul, Says “You’re Not Visible In The House”

Salman Khan schools Sumbul for not being participative in the house, he further mocks her for listening to her father.

Bigg Boss 16 Weekend Ka Vaar: In the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 16, Salman Khan will be seen schooling some contestants in the house for being least participative and active. In the recently shared promo, Salman was seen telling Sumbul that she isn’t visible in the house because she’s among the least participative contestants. Here’s what happens next-

Salman Schools Sumbul

In the upcoming weekend ka vaar episode Salman will be seen schooling Sumbul for being the least participative contestant. The actor gets angry as he tells Sumbul that she’s acting like a tag-along.

Salman says, “What exactly have you done in this house? You had claimed here on stage that you were strong. You are not visible in this house”. He further adds, “You don’t listen to your parents. Should I show you how you look inside the Bigg Boss house”.

Reacting to the video many fans claimed that Sumbul did needed a reality check, a user commented, “When will she realise ki bhai papa jo bolke gye move on wo kr lena chahiye”, “Salman sir is the real man who shows reality check…sumbul ko sahi kaha hai”, another user commented, “Isko kuch b bol lo ye nii sudhrne wali qki jo ldki Apne papa ko nii suni wo kisi or ko kya sunegi”.

For the unversed, Sumbul was earlier nominated by her “friends” Tina and Shalin for being the least participative contestant in the house. On many occasions, the housemates and guests have pin-pointed it that Sumbul is not performing well, during one of the weekend ka vaar episode Sumbul’s father also tried to guide her on the right path as he asked Sumbul to stay away from Shalin and play on her own. However, just after her father’s exit Sumbul was seen getting back along with Tina and Shalin.

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