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Bigg Boss 16 Nov 7 Episode 38 Update: Priyanka-Nimrit Locks Horns

Here's all that happened in the latest episode of Bigg Boss 16-

Bigg Boss 16 Nov 7 Written Update: Bigg Boss 16 is currently in its 6th week. Ever since the beginning of the season saw many arguments and fights in the house. And ever since day one both colors actresses Priyanka and Nimrit have never been together on good terms. In the recent episode, both actresses were seen having a major argument over the distribution of “food”. Here’s all that happened in the latest episode of Bigg Boss 16-

Bigg Boss 16 Nov 7 Episode 38-

Gautam-Soundarya’s Romance

Bigg Boss 16 love birds Soundarya and Gautam were seen having a lovey-dovey moment during the latest episode of the show. While other contestants including Abdu Rozik and Shiv Thakare were seen mocking the two as they got all mushy.

Nimrit Slams Priyanka

Both Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary were seen locking their horns. After Priyanka sarcastically hinted at Nimrit and Shiv for the unequal distribution of food. Schooling Priyanka, Nimrit finally spoke out her heart as she slammed Priyanka for acting “pity” over food. Their fight got even nasty after Priyanka called Nimrit “batameez” while Nimrit abused Priyanka for her attitude.

Priyanka’s Not “Happy” With Ankit’s B’day Celeb

Later Shiv along with Nimrit, Tina, Shalin, and Sajid Khan came out to wish Ankit on his birthday. All the contestants wished Ankit and gave him good wishes. While Priyanka on the other hand got quite irked with the fact that they all wished Ankit to make her “jealous”. The actress further claimed and told Gautam that all of the contestants wished Ankit to make her “jealous”.

Priyanka-Ankit Fight

Later Priyanka had an argument with Ankit for not supporting her. Priyanka told Ankit that he never stood for her. She further told him that Nimrit and the other contestants didn’t care about his birthday but just wanted to make her jealous. Ankit further told Priyanka that he couldn’t turn them down since he was sleeping and got startled as they wished him.

Sumbul Sacrifices Tina’s Ration

Later during the ration task, Sumbul was seen sacrificing Tina’s ration to save Sajid Khan’s ration. While Tina got irked with the reasoning Sumbul gave after she stated that Tina is “bossy” in the kitchen. Tina later questioned Sumbul about the same, however, during their conversation, Shalin slammed Sumbul for backstabbing their own friends. On the other hand, MC saved Shiv’s ration and sacrificed Gori’s ration.

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