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Bigg Boss 16 Nov 2 Episode 33 Highlight: Gautam Loses Captaincy

Here’s all that happened in the latest episode of Bigg Boss 16-

Bigg Boss 16: Bigg Boss 16 is currently in its 5th week, in the recent week many friends turned foes and many foes turned friends for many housemates inside the house. Following the same many fights and arguments were seen getting sparked inside the house and the most recent remains Priyanka and Ankit’s fight. In the recent promo, the love birds were seen having a heated argument. Here’s all that happened in the latest episode of Bigg Boss 16-

Bigg Boss 16 Episode 33-

Priyanka And Ankit’s Argument And Ego Clash

In the latest episode, both Ankit and Priyanka were seen having an argument with each other. Ankit approaches Priyanka to pacify their situation however their situation gets worse. Priyanka asks Ankit why he’s sitting to which Ankit says that does he needs her permission to even sit? To this Priyanka gets infuriated and a war of words breaks out between the two.

Priyanka asks Ankit to keep up with his attitude. She then asks Ankit to not expect anything from her. Ankit then tells Priyanka that he doesn’t expect anything from her. Priyanka then reminds Ankit that they have been with each other before the show. To this Ankit then warns Priyanka about taking out things from their past. Reacting to the same Priyanka loses her calm and calls out Ankit for threatening her. Later the two take their fight to other contestants. Sajid, Shiv, Gautam, and others calm both.

Gautam Fired From Captaincy

Later Bigg Boss asks Gautam to gather contestants. He further announces that he fires Gautam from captaincy as he failed to follow the rules as Soundarya was continuously speaking in English. Bigg Boss then announces that the ration will now be returned to the housemates as the person who sacrificed their ration for captaincy has lost the place.

Gautam Gets Questioned

Following the same Bigg boss then gives a task to housemates to earn their captaincy. During the trial, many contestants questioned Gautam for his relationship. While Nimrit has to prove Gautam’-Soundarya’s relationship fake, MC on the other hand has to prove it is genuine. MC Stan fails to win the trial and Bigg Boss fires him.

Shalin who claims to be Gautam’s friend was also seen asking Gautam if he really loves Soundarya or not. Later Archana also puts forth her opinion and claims that Gautam and Soundarya’s relationship is “fake”. Tina on the other hand also claims that the two are making up their love story for camera. Apart from Tina, and Archana, Sajid and Shiv also puts forth their opinion stating that their relationship is questionable.

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