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Bigg Boss 16 Nov 16 Episode 46 Update: Sajid-Archana’s Ugly Fight

Archana Gautam locks horns with captain Sajid Khan. The two were seen fighting over the distribution of ration and house duties.

Bigg Boss 16 Nov 15 Update: Sajid Khan has become the new captain of the Bigg Boss 16 house. During the latest episode Sajid Khan was assigned the task to assign the duties to each housemate and also distribute the ration during the tasks the filmmaker was seen getting into a huge fight with Archana Gautam. Know why-

Bigg Boss 16 Nov 16 Episode 46-

Sajid Khan Assigns House Duties

Sajid Khan decides to give a full reverse to the housemates by shifting their duties. Sajid asks Sumbul to write down all duties on different paper chits so that they can do a lottery chit system to divide the duties. Nimrit waens Sajid to dispose chits since writing anything on paper is banned in the house. Later Sajid distributes the chits among the housemates. Later Bigg Boss reminds Sajid that writing in the house is a rule break, and as a punishment Bigg Boss removes Sumbul from Sajid’s favorite list. Later Sajid assigns duties to housemates again.

Archana Argues With Sajid

Discussing the house duties Archana locks horns with Sajid Khan. She asks Sajid to take firm decisions. Archana tells Sajid to take decisions wisely, Sajid gets irked and warns Archana to not tell her what he had to do. Sajid then removes Archana from kitchen duties. Sajid then assigns toilet duties to Archana. Archana however says that she will start her duties from next day. Sajid decides to put Archana in jail. However Archana on the other hand denies to go into the jail.

Shiv Throws Archana’s Clothes

Reacting to Archana’s attitude and tantrums Shiv Thakare decides to punish her as he throws all her clothes from her room inside the corridor. Archana on the other hand says that she won’t repeat her mistake of hitting Shiv again. Archana finally enters her room and sees her clothes out on floor. She then warns Shiv of tearing his clothes if anything happens to her clothes.

Bigg Boss Puts An End To Smoking 

Apart from Archana’s fight, Bigg Boss was also seen making a twist in the show after he put an end to smoking by closing the smoking area in the house. Apparently, all the housemates have been breaking smoking rules in the house following the same Bigg Boss will now ban everyone from entering the smoking area. Now the contestants will be seen smoking in front of cameras.

Robbery Of Ration

Later Sajid gets to distribute the ration. All housemates from all rooms gets turns to rob Sajid’s ration on his watch. Sajid presses buzzer according to his will as housemtaes gather plenty of ration for them. Sajid then gives everyone 12 seconds to rob ration. Priyanka, Soundarya, Archana, Gautam and Ankit goes to rob ration. Even after pressing buzzer Archana doesn’t stops collecting ration. Sajid warns her and then asks her to put ration basket back again. Archana gets irked and fights with Sajid for not letting her take her ration bucket.

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