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Bigg Boss 16 Nov 10 Episode 41 Update: Archana Gautam OUT

Archana ousted from Bigg Boss 16 house after she chokes Shiv, here’s all that happened in the latest episode of Bigg Boss 16-

Bigg Boss 16 Nov 10 Update: Ever since the beginning of the 16th season of the reality show Bigg Boss many fights and arguments and fights have been seen breaking out in the house. However, despite heated arguments and verbal fights none of the contestants in the season have gone physical till now. However, that has now changed as Archana Gautam has now been ousted from the house after she tried to choke Shiv Thakare during their fight. Here’s all that happened in the latest episode of Bigg Boss 16-

Bigg Boss 16 Nov 10 Episode 41 Update

Abdu Loses His Captaincy

During the third round of Abdu’s captaincy task, Sajid and Gautam get down to collect gold. At the end of the round, both sides get exactly equal amounts of gold. Bigg Boss then asks Priyanka to take the decision following the same Priyanka announces that the decision is in favor to remove Abdu. Bigg Boss again introspects Priyanka stating that she molded rules according to her comfort however Priyanka remains stern and announces her decision. At the end of the task majority of contestants including Shiv, Nimrit, Tina, Gautam, and others criticize Priyanka for her decision.

Nimrit Doesn’t Want To Give False hopes To Abdu

Later Nimrit asks Sajid and others to not give false hopes to Abdu regarding their relationship. She further adds that she already has a boyfriend outside the house and that she does feel that Abdu does get bothered by a few things that are related to her.

Archana Hides Ration

Archana was seen hiding tissue boxes and sugar packets in the latest episode of the show. Tina and Shalin both notice her actions and then call her out for the same. Tina confronts Priyanka and Archana about the same and states that the ration is for all and not for any one particular person.

Archana Chokes Shiv

Shiv comes and joins the argument after Archana passes some derogatory remarks, Shiv then asks Archana to repeat what she said, following the same Archana first warns Shiv, and then she tries to choke him. Nimrit, Shalin, Tina, and others come to disperse the fight. Nimrit-Sumbul loses their cool as they slam Archana for trying to hurt Shiv.

Shiv Thakare Gets Archana’s Hand Mark On His Neck

Later Shalin asks Shiv to show Archana’s nail marks on his neck. Shalin among others then asks others to see that Shiv genuinely got hurt during the fight. Tina and Nimrit then asks Bigg Boss to take a decision.

Bigg Boss Calls Shiv To Confession Room

Bigg Boss confronts Shiv about all that happened during the fight. He then entrusts Shiv with the decision to either forgive Archana or make her leave the house. Shiv then asks Bigg Boss to take the decision, he then finally decides to oust Archana from the show. Archana enters the confession room and apologizes to Shiv for the same. Bigg Boss then tells Archana that the decision is final and that she has to leave the house now.

Archana Begs Bigg Boss To Let Her Stay

Later Archana was seen begging Bigg Boss to change the decision she asks Bigg Boss to give her one more chance. Archana then approaches Shiv and asks him to tell Bigg Boss to change his decision. Bigg Boss then finally tells Archana that the decision is final and that she was given many chances even before this. Archana then finally packs her stuff and leaves the house.

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