Bigg Boss 16: Celebrate New Year With Lots Of Fun & Dose Of Your Own Medicine

Shalin and Archana's fight is more than just words, it has got personal and fun with celebs and will bring happiness in your new year.

Bigg Boss 16 has a lot of fun stuff for its contestants. The new year is celebrated with laughter and fun. Legendary actor Dharmendra is seen on the show and having a great time with contestants. Krushna Abhishek also entertains the audience and inmates in the Bigg Boss house.

Jannat Zubair Rahmani and Karan Kundra enter the Bigg boss house with lots of fun segments and games. Jannat, a television and Instagram star, asks the contestants to make a reel on one of the viral videos of 2022, Bheega Bheega hai Sama, and all are following Jannat and having a great time.

Apart from all the fun, Shalin once again is being trolled by Salman. Shalin and Archana’s fight is more than just words, it has got personal Salman confronts him about calling Archana Doo Takke Ki Aurat on national television. Shalin also says that she keeps cussing his family members and he can’t listen to it sitting quietly without saying anything.

Salman listens to him and is about to say something and give a dose of his own medicine. It’s quite funny and rather bizarre that Archana keeps grudges against everybody and has a fight with almost everyone in the house. She is the TRP queen in the house. Great move Bigg Boss makers. Don’t forget to Colors for more updates regarding Bigg Boss 16 and the inside stories.

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