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Bigg Boss 16: Kushal Tandon Slams Sumbul’s Father For Calling Tina Datta “Kamini”

Sumbul Touqeer's father recently abused Tina Datta in the show, reacting to the same former contestants Kushal and Urvashi have now called the makers biased.

Bigg Boss 16: A lot has been happening inside the reality show Bigg Boss 16. In the recent episode, Imlie actor Sumbul Touqeer’s father shared a word of advice with her daughter on a phone call. However, during their conversation, Sumbul’s father went a bit out of line after he abused Tina Datta for betraying his daughter. Reacting to the same many celebs from the industry have come out and slammed him for abusing Tina Datta.

Kushal Tandon Slams Sumbul’s Father For Abusing Tina

One such celeb remains Kushal Tandon who is also an ex-contestant in Bigg Boss season 7. Tandon recently shared the incident on his social media and slammed the makers for only letting Sumbul talk to her family. He tweeted, “Why sumbul is only contestant who’s dad was allowed to come on stage to talk about how she is goin ….. how she is the only contestant who’s dad gives her a cal and can talk over phone ……”

He further lashed out at Sumbul’s father for abusing Tina Datta. Reacting to the incident Kushal tweeted, “And how dare her dad is allowed to have a phone call now … and how can he speak Ill of other contestants … vo bhi kiski ki Beti hain his dad is saying tina is Kamini… stay out of her wow”.

Kushal Tandon Claims Bigg Boss Is A “Scripted Show”

Recently during an interview with E Times, Kushal claimed that reality shows like Bigg Boss are scripted, he told the portal, “I have done all the major reality shows so I will not like to be part of such shows anymore. I am too mature to be part of reality shows and these shows are not like they were before. Earlier they were real but now they are not reality shows but scripted reality shows.”

Urvashi Dholakia Slams Bigg Boss Makers

Apart from Kushal former Bigg Boss winner Urvashi Dholakia also slammed the makers of being biased, she tweeted, “SLOW CLAP wah Bigg boss .. u have made urself look like a BIGG LOSS !! The joke is on you thanks to Sumbul & her father who spoke so badly & forgot that everyone is someone’s CHILD in that house!! SHAME ON YOU.”.

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