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Bigg Boss 16 Episode 7 Update: Manya-Sreejita Catfight, Salman Enters House

From Salman Khan entering the house to Sreejita and Manya's fight, here's all that happened in Bigg Boss 16 "Shukravaar Ka Vaar" episode-

Bigg Boss 16 Episode 7 Update: Salman Khan’s hosted show Bigg Boss 16 is currently in its first week. However, the drama and fights have already begun in the house, while in the recent episode, show host and actor Salman Khan made his way into the house to meet the contestants directly. Apart from this, a major highlight of the episode remained Sreejita and Manya’s catfight after the latter took a dig at Sreejita on her profession calling her just a “television actress”. Here’s all that happened in Bigg Boss 16 “Shukravaar Ka Vaar” episode-

Bigg Boss 16 Updates:

Manya And Sreejita’s Heated Argument

In the recent episode of the show, a major fight broke out between television actress Sreejita De and Miss Femina, Manya Singh. During the episode, Manya was seen engaging in a verbal spat with Sreejita during the fight Manya slammed the actress for her profession saying that she is just a “television actress”. Manya said, “I am here because I earned it,” She added, “I was the ambassador of this country…what you are? A television actress”. While Salman also didn’t invite Sreejita and Manya to the dinner party.

MC Stan Calls Shalin Bhanot “Fake”

Meanwhile, on being asked by Salman to name the contestants who took an advantage of his fight with Shiv Thakare, to this MC Stan said “Shalin” and “Gautam”. MC stated that both Shalin and Gautam took the footage during his fight with Shiv. He also said that Shalin is “acting” in the house and that he’s not real. However, Shalin got back at MC saying that he charges for his acting.

Salman Advises Gautam To Stop “Copying” Ex-Contestants

During his visit in the house, Salman was also seen sharing his advice for Gautam to be more real. During the dinner party, Salman advised Gautam to stop copying previous contestants of the show and act more real. Salman said, “Ek insaan yahan par hai jo copy hai, Gautam”, he added, “It is that you are a big star on television, be yourself”.

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