Bigg Boss 16 Episode 21 Highlights, Oct 21: Archana Gautam Is The New “Captain”

Here’s all that happened in the latest episode of Bigg Boss 16, check out-

Bigg Boss 16 Episode 21 Update: The television reality show Bigg Boss 16 is currently in its third week. While within these 3 weeks many friends have turned enemies and many enemies have now turned friends. Here’s all that happened in the latest episode of Bigg Boss 16-

Bigg Boss 16 Episode 21 Update

Gautam, Nimrit, Ankit & Soundarya Disturbs Archana’s Sleep

Nimrit along with Gautam, Soundarya, and Ankit, were seen becoming the ghosts during the night as they’ll tried to scare Archana. However, their joke didn’t turn out to be funny to other housemates. Archana and Priyanka got agitated by their joke the two later reprimanded Shiv for letting all this happen. Later Archana decides to protest against the housemates who didn’t let her sleep. She starts banging utensils in order to keep other contestants awake.

Archana-Ankit Sleeps In The Morning

After much chaos both Archana and Ankit were seen sleeping during the morning. Following the same house captain, Shiv pours water on Archana expecting that she might wake up. On the other hand, Abdu asks Ankit to stay awake.

Bigg Boss Reprimands Housemates

Following the rule break, Bigg Boss himself takes an action and asks Shiv to punish all the housemates who breaks rules. Following the same Shiv puts Priyanka under a box and asks Archana to go to jail. Later he puts Soundarya in jail for talking in English.

Archana Becomes The New Captain

Following the continuous rule break, Bigg Boss reprimands Shiv for going easy on the housemates. He tells Shiv that Gautam was fired since he couldn’t take out any decisions on his own, he tells Shiv that since he cannot handle the captaincy well, he is now fired. Later Bigg Boss makes Archana the new captain of the house. Bigg Boss asks Archana to not get carried away with her happiness since it’s now her turn to maintain the decorum in the house.

All Housemates Decides To Go Against Archana

After Archana gets appointed as the new captain Shiv along with Nimrit and other housemates decides to break the rules as Archana did during their captaincy. Shiv and Nimrit steal Archana’s food and eat in front of her.

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