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Bigg Boss 16 Episode 17 Update & Highlights, Oct 17: Shiv Becomes New Captain

Here’s all that happened in the latest episode of Bigg Boss 16, check out-

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Bigg Boss 16 Episode 17 Update: The television reality show Bigg Boss 16 is currently in its third week. Actress and contestant Sreejita De was evicted during the recent weekend ka vaar after getting nominated by house captain Gautam Vig. While the latest episode of the show witnessed massive fights and arguments for captaincy. Later Shiv defeat Priyanka to become the 3rd captain of the house.

Bigg Boss 16 Episode 16 Update

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Shiv Had A Nasty Fight With Nimrit

A heated argument erupted out between Nimrit and Shiv, the argument started after Nimrit checked upon the ration without asking others. Later Shiv shares his objection to the same and asks Nimrit to accept her mistake and stop overacting. Nimrit loses her calm and a massive argument breaks out between the two.

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Shalin & Tina Calls Out Gautam For His Captaincy

Tina tells MC Stan to be ready for the captaincy round as she wants him to become the next captain. Later Bigg Boss calls her and Shalin to the confession room. He asks Tina and Shalin about their equation. He further asks them about their opinion on Gautam’s captaincy and whether he had been partial through his captaincy. Both admit that Gautam had been partial through his captaincy and that he doesn’t stand up to his friends when they need him. Later both Tina and Shalin reconcile as they leave the confession room.

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Gautam Gets Fired From Captaincy

Bigg Boss asks Gautam to gather housemates in the living room, he further announces that Gautam has now been fired from his captaincy since he always remained diplomatic throughout his captaincy. Bigg Boss further slams Gautam saying that he always did everything under the name of captaincy and Bigg Boss, and so failed to act as the leader of the house.

Priyanka & Shiv Gets Elected As Contenders For Captaincy

After Gautam gets fired, Bigg Boss asks everyone to name two people whom they would want to see as new captains. Priyanka and Shiv get the majority. Later both get a task where they will have to save their dominos from falling down. On the other hand, the housemates who want to protect their favorite contender will save their candidate’s dominos from falling down and can sabotage the dominos of the opposite team. The one with the longest line of dominos will win the captaincy of the upcoming week.

Gori Gets Injured

MC Stan, Gori, Tina, and Nimrit among others were seen supporting Shiv during the round. While Ankit and Archana on the other hand were seen putting out their best to support Priyanka in the task. While MC Stan and Gori try to sabotage Priyanka and protect Shiv’s dominos, on the other hand, Ankit and Archana try to save Priyanka’s dominos while attacking Shiv’s territory. However, during the scuffle, Gori gets injured after she tries to pull the water bucket from Ankit.

Bigg Boss Warns Shiv & Priyanka To Take The Task Out Of Bathroom

In an attempt to save their dominos from the attack of the contestants both Priyanka and Shiv enter the bathroom to build their dominos without any disturbance. Meanwhile, during their task, Ankit and Tina get into an argument after Tina asks Ankit to stop pushing. Later Bigg Boss asks everyone to stop, he further warns Priyanka and Shiv that he fired Gautam since he was playing on the back foot and now both Priyanka and Shiv are doing the same He adds that there is no point in putting their efforts since the audience can’t watch them.

Gautam Disqualifies Priyanka

Following Bigg Boss’s instructions, both Shiv and Priyanka leaves the bathroom. Shiv takes the dominos to the bedroom and starts his task again. Priyanka on the other hand prefers to build dominos in the dressing area in the bathroom. She asks Ankit to guard the door and not let any contestant enter the area. Gautam warns Priyanka that the bathroom is a public area and contestants might need to use it so she must leave the area or else he will disqualify her. However, Priyanka tells Gautam that he can disqualify her but let her do the task for the time being. Gautam tells Bigg Boss that he personally chose to disqualify Priyanka the rest is up to Bigg Boss.

Shiv Becomes The New Captain

Bigg Boss announces Gautam’s decision and disqualifies Priyanka from the task. Shiv becomes the new captain and all the housemates congratulate him on the same. Priyanka later confronts Gautam about his decision, she further gets aggressive and slams Gautam for being unfair. On the other hand, Priyanka also slams Gautam for being partial.

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